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Suggestions For Words in Your Name Art Designs

July 29, 2017

Suggestions For Words in Your Name Art Designs

Combining nature, photography, the alphabet, and home decor, the photo name art designs from Personal-Prints make great gifts for newlyweds, perfect for children’s rooms, or a focal point in any living room, bedroom, or kitchen. What’s great about these designs is that you can choose your own theme, choose your own word or name, and in some cases, even choose your own images! While this gives you freedom to customize your own art, there can be a lot of choice and decisions to be made when choosing just the right combination of theme, photos, and the word or name you want on the piece. To make your shopping experience easy, here are some tips to help you get started designing your own art!

Photo Name Art

Photo Name ArtNew Couple

Have you recently gotten married or are in a committed relationship? Bring some new art into your home with a photo name art design that you can create together. There is a wide range of photo name art designs that would be great for a new couple. Check out the wine themed print or the urban neon sign design. Consider what hobbies you share in common or what interests you as a couple, it could sports, nature, or coffee. When it comes to what to say on the print, we suggest your last name if it’s the same or a word that describes you. Be as creative and fun as you want, words like ‘Love,’ ‘Hope,’ or all of your initials work great, even if they don’t create a word.


If you want to spruce up your home with some new art that adds color, texture, and photography, you have endless options to choose from. Without having to compromise on the design, you can choose your own theme, word, and photos for an art piece that is wholly you. Do you like hunting, horses, hockey, skiing, or cathedrals? Find a theme that stands out to you and then choose the name or word. ‘Home’ or ‘Welcome’ will always be words that fit any situation. We suggest putting your first name for a personal touch or a goofy word that describes your personality. If you want to switch out an image, simply click on a letter and choose which photograph you like best for your design.

Photo Name ArtGiving as a Gift

Whatever the purpose of the gift is, wedding, birthday, or as a thank you, it can be tricky choosing a design and name or word that will fit the recipient. In this case, you can keep it simple and classic. If you happen to know that they are big fans of basketball or floral images, for example, you just have to choose a name or word. If you are unsure about their interests or style, you can’t go wrong with our state name art. When giving a photo name art design as a gift, it’s best to keep the word or name simple, such as a last name or the word ‘Home,’ ‘Family,’ or ‘Smile’ to keep it playful.

What Room?

If you’re shopping for a specific room, such as the kitchen, living room, or bathroom, there are still plenty of options to choose from. Think about what colors are in the room and what theme would complement the existing decor. For a living room, consider choosing a theme that has similar colors as an accent color. For example, if you have yellow throw pillows, this floral print will work great. If you have neutral colored walls, choose a theme that will pop, like this coastal beach theme. For a kitchen, choose something food related, such as coffee or wine. Words that will catch people’s eye are ‘Peace,’ ‘Faith,’ ‘Nerd,’ or ‘Relax.’

Photo Name ArtChild’s Room

Creating a design for a child’s room is fun and playful, so choose a theme that they love. This Kids Name Print has animals that begin with each letter of a child’s name. Or put the whole alphabet in their room with this Girls and Boys Children’s Alphabet that features the first letter of their name in the middle of the design. For an edgier print, these Kids Camo Name Prints are perfect for children who want to stand out from the crowd. Children love unique, colorful, and playful art in their room and they’ll love seeing their name on the wall.

Keep an open mind and have fun when you’re designing your own photo name art. Whether as a gift or for your own home, there are endless options and words to choose from that will represent the recipient or your family. Don’t be afraid to use words other than ‘Home,’ or ‘Family.’ Think outside of the box and choose words that are unique to you or the receiver, such as ‘Food,’ ‘Care,’ ‘Play,’ ‘Native,’ or ‘Rest.’ Now that you have some suggestions on what words to use in your design, you can get shopping!

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