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Give the Graduates in Your Life the Gift of Personalized Art

It’s hard to believe, but graduation season is just around the corner. It seems like just yesterday that we were celebrating the 12 Days of Printsmas and ringing in the new year, and now we’re almost at the halfway point in the year!

If you’ve found yourself feeling the same way and wondering what you’ll get for all of the graduates you’re celebrating this summer, watch the video below and read on for a few personalized art gifts we recommend every year. You can also browse the Personal-Prints catalog for even more inspiration and ideas!

Personalized Name Art

Alphabet name art is what made Personal-Prints famous. All of our personalized name art prints feature unique alphabets created with everyday objects and scenery and several background choices that allow you to further customize the piece. From hunting and fishing to astronomy, sports, music, and so much more, there’s truly something for every interest in our catalog.

Graduation Photo Collage

If you’re looking for a more traditional, graduation-themed art print, you’ll love the Graduation Photo Collage. It allows you to upload three high-quality photos, the class year, and the graduate’s name before choosing whether you’d like to receive the piece as a block-mounted photo or a framed print.

Graduation Mascot Print

The Graduation Mascot Print is another unique take on traditional graduation photos. It features a field for the school’s name, the graduation year, and of course, the student’s favorite graduation photo. However, this piece also features 24 different pictures of animals often used as mascots, as well as the option to upload your own photo. This is truly a fantastic personalized art gift for the graduate who’s filled with school spirit!

“Crazy Ones” Quote Set

“Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.”

Steve Jobs was a monumentally influential figure, and this three-panel quote set is the perfect gift for a high school senior heading off to college or a recent college graduate looking for their first big gig. Graduation is an exciting and scary time, but it’s quotes like this one that can provide a sense of meaning as they dive head first into the unknown.

Why Personalized Art?

Many people choose to opt for cash and gift cards whenever they’re invited to a graduation. There’s certainly nothing wrong with giving a graduate some funds they can use to celebrate, furnish a dorm, or purchase items they’ll need when they graduate college, but it’s not a gift that will be remembered once the party is over and they move on with their lives.

Personalized art, on the other hand, provides them with something tangible that they can bring wherever their travels take them. It’s a constant reminder of how hard they’ve worked and how far they’ve come, as well as a reminder that the future is bright and they have so much ahead of them. When they see the piece in 10 years, they won’t remember how much cash their friends and family gave them, but they will remember how they felt when they opened their personalized art.

Visit the Personal-Prints catalog to view our entire graduation print collection.

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