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New Designs From Artist Cody Johnson

Announcing four great new prints by artist Cody Johnson. Each is available for personalization and comes ready to hang... starting at only $49.95. Click Here and Order yours today!

New Personalized Designs From Cody Johnson
May 10, 2016


Personal-Prints Launches Expanded Store On

With free shipping, our lowest prices ever, and a fresh new collection for personalized artwork, we are excited to announce the launch of our Amazon custom store! Amazon recently introduced their customization platform, and we were invited to use their storefront to begin selling our personalized artwork. In addition to our exclusive vintage style patent art prints in many themes, we have introduced many of our personalized prints where – in some cases – you can even preview your personalization!

Start shopping here! 

October 05, 2015


Inspirations from the art community

A blank canvas can be intimidating. How do you find inspiration? Where do you start? What if you fail? It is so easy to procrastinate, to get overwhelmed, to simply sit and wait for inspiration when you should be pursuing it.   

At Personal-Prints we want to create beautiful things, to spark your inner creativity and to connect you with a community of visionaries. Whether you are looking for motivation to redecorate a room or a unique gift that says "I love you", here are some great places to start your search... 

Pinterest community:

Decorate a room:

Inspiration by colors:

Artist inspiration:

Gifts that show you care:

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September 10, 2015


Wall Collage Design Tips

For this week’s blog, I wanted to invite you to explore a fun idea for personalized wall decor – Photo collages mixed with a piece of personalized art. Collages can fill up any amount of wall space and give a personal flair to your décor scheme.

If you peruse Pinterest for a few minutes, you are bound to see pictures with cute photo arrangements. Some look fairly easy, and some would require a full time home decorator. Some have simple designs while others look like the remnants of a photo book explosion.

This blog is aimed at giving you everything you need to create a few simple and crafty designs. I’ve also made it easy, where you can upload your photos and receive ready to hang prints directly from Personal-Prints.  Use coupon code PHOTOBLOG and you can even get 30% off.

With collages, you can accomplish anything your heART desires. You can get creative and make any design you want, but I have included a few of my favorites below:

For the master bedroom, I recommend a simply elegant heart design. Everything from the layout to the pictures highlights love.

Large Size (regularly $453.90, sale price $317.73):
The finished design is roughly 56” wide and 52” tall.
* Nineteen 6”x8” (twelve landscape and seven vertical)
* Two 11”x14” (both landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Love & Life

Small Size (regularly $209.95, sale price $146.68):
The finished design is roughly 37” wide and 32” tall.
* Seven 6”x8” (four landscape and three vertical)
* One 11”x14” (landscape)
* One 11”x14” block mount Love & Life

For a large wall space (regularly $409.05, sale price $286.34), below is the design for a collage I have hanging in my living room. This is a nice display because there are enough pictures to include both immediate and extended family. It is finished at about 58” wide and 42” tall.

For this design you need:
* Sixteen 6”x8” (11 vertical and 5 landscape)
* Two 11”x14” (1 landscape and 1 vertical)
* One 16”x20” block mount FAMILY

For a medium sized wall space (regularly $249.45, sale price $174.62), I have the design below hanging in my office. It is finished at roughly 40” wide and 34” tall.

For this design you need:
* Ten 6”x8” (6 vertical and 4 landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Home is Where the Heart Is

Once you have your design and pictures picked out, just go to the photo page on Personal-Prints, pick the sizes you want and upload your photos! Don’t forget to use coupon code PHOTOBLOG for 30% off.

Since the finished art pieces are standard sized, you can easily update with new photos. For example, my wife and I will be welcoming our third son into the world in a few weeks, so we will want some photos with him!

August 18, 2015


Artist Profile - Ryan Kennedy

Ryan Kennedy is an entrepreneur and a professional artist at Personal-Prints. He has created several top-selling prints that have been featured in stores, galleries and gift catalogs across North America and has twice received international recognition for his fine art drawings from the prestigious Art Renewal Center.  He lives in Northern Colorado where his passion for his family, God, and the Colorado outdoors are evident in his art...

Click here to view Ryan's full collection of personalized art including his popular golf, antler and fishing name art prints... 

Click here to visit Ryan's personal studio website and see more of his fine art drawings...

August 04, 2015


A Personalized Touch

The thing that makes the artwork at Personal-Prints so special is that each print is individually customized with the names, dates or initials of your choice at no additional charge.  Each personalization is created as a permanent part of the image in a style and custom font that perfectly matches the artwork. The personalization will not look like a stamp or afterthought as is uniquely adjusted by professional designers to align perfectly, to look like a part of the image and is published as a part of the image. Since each personalization has an artist's touch, previews of your names are not available, however, sample personalizations can be viewed on each product page to give you an idea of the style and look of the personalized names. Simply enter your desired personalization in the input boxes provided and let the artists at Personal-Prints do the rest. 

Every print is individually personalized, custom finished, and shipped from their Colorado studio within 2-3 business days. With 100's of designs and images to choose from, you are sure to find a unique art print to hang in your home or that perfect gift that shows how much you care. Create your personalized art masterpiece today with  

July 16, 2015


Love Birds - How Personalized Art Began

Personal-Prints began in 1998 in the home of nationally renowned artist Scott Kennedy with a single print titled "Love Birds". Scott created this romantic scene as a gift to his wife in honor of their marriage. The original watercolor painting depicted two Black Capped Chickadees nestled together on an aspen limb but what really made it special was the heart carved into the Aspen bark where he painted their initials into the scene. Needless to say, his wife loved it and so did everyone who saw it prompting individual requests for copies of the image. In these early days, Scott would hand-paint the personalized names onto each print as a unique creation, individually made for each customer... and thus a new genre of personalized art was born.

The popularity of "Love Birds" grew rapidly and it was soon recognized as one of the top selling art prints in all of North America and even after 17 years it remains a customer favorite and one of the most sought after prints in the Personal Prints collection. Scott Kennedy's "Love Birds" is the print that started it all. From that first print, Scott created (and continues to create) an expanding collection of art prints, featuring a wide variety of subject matter, individually personalized for each customer. Click here to view Scott's full collection of personalized art. 

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