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Art That Represents Your Home State

Whether you live on the east coast, in the midwest, mountains, or on the west coast, your home state has a special place in your heart. Each state has their own character and personality that can be seen in the nature, the mountains, the cities, and the food. To show your pride for your state in your home, Personal-Prints has created state art that uses images from around the state to spell the word. The personalized art pieces also have a space below the images to add your family’s name or word of choice. A perfect custom art print to show both you love for your home state and your family. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Personalized art


The bright blues and greens in this state art represents the beauty and adventurous atmosphere of Florida. The personalized art begins with two starfish that create the ‘F’ and ends with an image of Disney World that creates the ‘A.’ The Florida culture is perfectly captured with an image of crocodile, a juicy orange, and a manatee. The images are brought together by the background that shows clear blue water and a boat in the distance. A great addition to any Florida home, add your personal touch to the piece by adding your family name to the bottom.


You can feel the cool breeze in Maine when looking at this Maine state art. Aged wood gives the piece texture and character as if you stumbled upon the wood on a walk along the beach and created this beautiful personalized art. The character of Maine is captured in the images that make up this custom art print. An image of a lobster makes the letter ‘M,’ a lighthouse is the letter ‘I,’ and a moose’s antler creates the letter ‘E.’ The greens in the background, the red of the lobster, and the blue in the sky make it easy to add this print into your collection.


The Grand Canyon sums up the southwest with the majestic feel and the deep reds and oranges. This makes up the background of the Arizona state art. To balance the deep reds, in the distance there are cool blue mountains and a gray/blue sky to adds to the grandness of the scene. To get the full character of Arizona, an image of a mountain creates the letter ‘A,’ the ‘R’ is created by looking up from deep inside a cavern, and a cactus creates the letter ‘I.’ You can feel both the heat from the mountains and the cool air from the cavern when viewing this custom print. Whether you choose the canvas wall art of a wooden frame, get the best parts of Arizona with this state art.


Go high up in the mountains, get wet in the ocean, or see a Hollywood star in this California state art design. The California state flag is subtly used as the background of the image, a red line at the bottom of the piece, a red star at the top center, and a bear in the top right, all on top of a white/gray wooden texture. If you love surfing, hiking, or spending time in the city, you can get it all with this design. The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge makes the ‘L,’ the ‘O’ is an image of the Hollywood sign, and a towering palm tree makes the last ‘I’ in California. Finish the art piece off with your family’s name, the word ‘Home,’ or a phrase only your family uses at the bottom of the design.

No matter where you live, you can get the best parts of your home state with these personalized art designs. To find your home state, shop here. Or find more custom name art that will fit perfectly into your home’s style and decor. The artists at Personal-Prints wants you to decorate your home with things you love. Find pieces unique pieces and make them your own with personalized art.

April 28, 2017


Decorating Your Man Cave

Office, garage, man cave, shop, or whatever you call your hobby or work space, it’s still a space that needs some attention and decor love. There are men out there who have a knack for color and style, but others tend to be clueless when it comes to decorating a space. The good news is that there is help out there. With inspirational sites like Pinterest and the personalized art from Personal-Prints®, you can be confident that you will have a space that exudes manliness even with decorative art on the walls. At Personal-Prints®, we have a unique collection of men’s wall decor that may make it hard to decide which piece to choose for your man cave.


A man’s office isn’t complete without some sports memorabilia or sports prints. Whether you love golf, fishing, baseball, or hockey, there is something for you that will satisfy your inner sportsman.

Golf Name Print

You can’t go wrong with this golf name print that includes different images from the golf course that spell out a name or a word. The head of a putter creates the letter J, or a golf ball sitting on a tee is used as the letter O. Choose a word or use your last name and design a piece of work that is personalized. A simple image of green grass as the background and the images highlighted on top so they appear as if they are hovering will give a sophistication to your space.


If you love hunting but don’t want to go as far as displaying a deer’s head in your man cave, choose from a variety of options of art for men who’s passion is hunting.

Deer Silhouette

Keep it simple yet rugged with this whitetail deer silhouette. With just enough texture on the print to add a roughness to the space, but still keeping it cool with a white silhouette of a buck’s antlers. The image is laminated and mounted on a half inch thick wooden block, giving your man cave a strong and substantial feel.

Antler Letters Name Print

Combine your passion for hunting and art with this name print using photographs of antlers to spell out a word. The balance of a sepia toned image of aspen trees in the background and black and white photographs of antlers will add a hint of mystery and romance to your space.


If sports aren’t your passion, the steel beauty of guns might be up your alley.

Firearm Guns Name Art

The intricate curves and delicate lines found on guns combined with the hard shine of the metal will surely add an edge to your man cave. The vintage style close-up of the American flag with the words “We The People” subtly placed and images of guns used to spell out your name or a word of your choice provides several layers in this gun art on canvas.

When you want to decorate your man cave, it doesn’t need to be over decorated with team jerseys, deer busts, and muskets. Instead, keep it simple and manly with men’s wall decor, gun letter art, and sports prints. Our personalized art can be designed by you and is made with quality materials, 100 percent in the USA. Shop our collection of art for men to add some ruggedness to your man cave.

Beach House Scenes For Any Home

Images of the beach can instantly send the viewer into daydreaming of laying on a warm beach with a cool breeze hitting their face. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the sand, the birds chirping in their air, and you can feel the sand in between your toes. The good news is that no matter what your decor is at your home or office, Personal Prints has beach house decor that will fit into any space. From elegant scenes with white chairs and a yellow beach umbrella to seascapes with bright blue skies, you can find a piece of art that will fit any challenging space on your walls.

Beach Lovers

Beach scene art

This beach scene can be a 9.5” x 26” on block mount, or 13.5” x 32.5” on framed canvas with either an espresso, natural, or white frame. The horizontal print has an intense cloudless sky, fading from a light blue into a dark sky blue. The smooth sand is pure and untouched, waiting for you to enter the scene and relax in the beach chairs. The water is the perfect clear green and blue color of the ocean; water that dolphins could be swimming in. There are two simple beach chairs, a red towel and to make the print pop, a bright orange umbrella. The complementary blue and orange with the calming color of the sand make this beach scene a love at first sight. Use this piece to fill the space in an entryway or above a door frame. A hard to fill space along a staircase would be a fantastic way to utilize a bright and relaxing piece of beach house art.

Sea Breeze

framed beach pictures

For a more subdued beach scene, this original watercolor painting by Scott Kennedy can warm up any room. With hints of orange in the sand, the beach umbrella and even in the shadows, you can almost feel the warmth from the sun. There are pleasant waves in the light blue water and some clouds in the sky, cooling off the scene. The beach scene is 18” x 23.5”, with mat board framing the painting. An inviting detail of this scene is footprints and a heart drawn in the sand, making this beach scene great for placing on a wall leading to the outdoors.

Pier Love

seascape prints

For your vertical art needs, Pier Love is either an 8” x 20.5 or 10” x 26.5” framed canvas. The texture of the pier gives the print a timeless feel; years from now, the pier will still be full of life and character. The turquoise water is swirling with the wind, but gentle enough to sail away in. A peaceful pelican is perched quietly on a post of the pier, waiting for you to sit and watch the clouds slide past. Place this beach house art where you can feel the wind in your home, in the kitchen by a window or a porch.

Whichever beach house print moves you, it will elegantly find a place in your home. The best feature of our coastal art is that each piece can be personalized with your name. Either carved in the wood at the pier, drawn in the sand, or written on a note, your name will always be written in history. To brighten or warm up a space with a beach scene can make any home feel like a beach house.

New Designs From Artist Cody Johnson

Announcing four great new prints by artist Cody Johnson. Each is available for personalization and comes ready to hang... starting at only $49.95. Click Here and Order yours today!

New Personalized Designs From Cody Johnson
May 10, 2016


Personal-Prints Launches Expanded Store On

With free shipping, our lowest prices ever, and a fresh new collection for personalized artwork, we are excited to announce the launch of our Amazon custom store! Amazon recently introduced their customization platform, and we were invited to use their storefront to begin selling our personalized artwork. In addition to our exclusive vintage style patent art prints in many themes, we have introduced many of our personalized prints where – in some cases – you can even preview your personalization!

Start shopping here! 

October 05, 2015


Inspirations from the art community

A blank canvas can be intimidating. How do you find inspiration? Where do you start? What if you fail? It is so easy to procrastinate, to get overwhelmed, to simply sit and wait for inspiration when you should be pursuing it.   

At Personal-Prints we want to create beautiful things, to spark your inner creativity and to connect you with a community of visionaries. Whether you are looking for motivation to redecorate a room or a unique gift that says "I love you", here are some great places to start your search... 

Pinterest community:

Decorate a room:

Inspiration by colors:

Artist inspiration:

Gifts that show you care:

Follow us on Facebook:

September 10, 2015


Wall Collage Design Tips

For this week’s blog, I wanted to invite you to explore a fun idea for personalized wall decor – Photo collages mixed with a piece of personalized art. Collages can fill up any amount of wall space and give a personal flair to your décor scheme.

If you peruse Pinterest for a few minutes, you are bound to see pictures with cute photo arrangements. Some look fairly easy, and some would require a full time home decorator. Some have simple designs while others look like the remnants of a photo book explosion.

This blog is aimed at giving you everything you need to create a few simple and crafty designs. I’ve also made it easy, where you can upload your photos and receive ready to hang prints directly from Personal-Prints.  Use coupon code PHOTOBLOG and you can even get 30% off.

With collages, you can accomplish anything your heART desires. You can get creative and make any design you want, but I have included a few of my favorites below:

For the master bedroom, I recommend a simply elegant heart design. Everything from the layout to the pictures highlights love.

Large Size (regularly $453.90, sale price $317.73):
The finished design is roughly 56” wide and 52” tall.
* Nineteen 6”x8” (twelve landscape and seven vertical)
* Two 11”x14” (both landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Love & Life

Small Size (regularly $209.95, sale price $146.68):
The finished design is roughly 37” wide and 32” tall.
* Seven 6”x8” (four landscape and three vertical)
* One 11”x14” (landscape)
* One 11”x14” block mount Love & Life

For a large wall space (regularly $409.05, sale price $286.34), below is the design for a collage I have hanging in my living room. This is a nice display because there are enough pictures to include both immediate and extended family. It is finished at about 58” wide and 42” tall.

For this design you need:
* Sixteen 6”x8” (11 vertical and 5 landscape)
* Two 11”x14” (1 landscape and 1 vertical)
* One 16”x20” block mount FAMILY

For a medium sized wall space (regularly $249.45, sale price $174.62), I have the design below hanging in my office. It is finished at roughly 40” wide and 34” tall.

For this design you need:
* Ten 6”x8” (6 vertical and 4 landscape)
* One 16”x20” block mount Home is Where the Heart Is

Once you have your design and pictures picked out, just go to the photo page on Personal-Prints, pick the sizes you want and upload your photos! Don’t forget to use coupon code PHOTOBLOG for 30% off.

Since the finished art pieces are standard sized, you can easily update with new photos. For example, my wife and I will be welcoming our third son into the world in a few weeks, so we will want some photos with him!

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