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Decorating a Patriotic Home

The Fourth of July might be our favorite holiday. Besides getting a crucial three-day weekend in the middle of summer, it gives us all a chance to pause and reflect on what independence means to us.

You have the fireworks, reunions, concerts, barbecues, picnics, parades, and baseball games. But you also have a chance to show your patriotism and American values even more than you do on a regular basis.

When the fireworks fizzle and the parades come to rest, your love of country remains.

Why not decorate your home accordingly?

Patriotic Personalized Art

Personalized art is one of the best ways to show your American values all year round. Plus, because personalized art is custom-made for you, you can choose whichever type of American art you want to display.

Personal-Prints recommends these canvas prints to infuse some red, white, and blue into your home!

Firearm Guns Name Art

Our popular Firearm Guns Name Artprint is an excellent option for a 2nd-amendment-loving patriot. It features a rustic American flag background with words from the preamble of the Constitution. In the foreground, you can spell any name you want and the different letter images feature firearm components.

Check it out today and test different letter options to see which looks best!

US States Name Art

There’s patriotism, and then there’s the separate universe of state pride. If you want to showcase your home state, go the US States Name Art route!

Each piece of personalized art features beautiful images of the state, and letter blocks spell out the state name. You can personalize the image by featuring your name, family, name, or any other text you wish.

Sports-Themed Wall Art

What’s more American than a game of football, golf, or baseball?

Sports-themed wall art is great way to showcase your passion for classic American sports. Browse the collection to determine whether you want photo name art, or whether you want a more unique look with our patent prints.

If you have a passion for fishing, hunting, golf, motorcycles, or any other distinctly American hobby, Personal-Prints has the personalized art for you.

Country Western Art and Cabin Decor

There’s something so serene and beautiful about the American West, and we tried to capture this majestic nature in our Country Western Art collection.

From cowboy boots to horses grazing in the pasture to an American flag and John Deere Tractor patent sketch, we really do have it all.

This collection is special because it infuses your home with the iconic images of the American West without necessarily relying on red, white, and blue colors. Instead, we capture the beauty of a whitetail deer nuzzling its cub in a meadow; two horses grazing in a field at dusk; two country kids falling in love — we capture what it means to be an American, day-in and day-out.


This Fourth of July, celebrate with American-made personalized art. Personal-Prints crafts totally unique art, made custom-to-order.

Browse our collection online today, and show off your American pride for years to come.