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Buying Guide: Sports-Themed Wall Art

This is how gift-giving for an athlete usually works:

If your mom plays tennis, you start by getting her tennis balls. Then you splurge for a tennis racket if she doesn’t already have one she likes. After that, you get her a new tennis outfit. Maybe you consider private lessons with a tennis pro. Finally, you get her a new tennis bag. Then you start all over again with tennis balls.

These are all great gift ideas, but the point is that there is only so much tennis-related gear that you can get. Factoring in price and what your loved one already owns, you have a really limited selection.

However, your mom loves tennis! It defines her, and you know she’d much rather get something tennis-related than an ill-fitting sweater or a bouquet of short-lived flowers.

The solution is sports-themed decor. It is the perfect compromise because it’s related to the sport your loved one enjoys, but it’s not the same-old tennis or golf ball.

Sports-Themed Decor for a Dad

Whatever sport or activity your dad enjoys, sports-themed decor is an excellent option. Especially if your dad has a “man cave” or separate area of the home just for him, sports-themed decor can be a personalized addition to the space.

Personalized Golf Art

If your dad enjoys golfing, Personal-Prints has an entire selection dedicated to the sport. Consider spelling out his first name or your last name in our Golf Name Art Print. You can even preview which name you think looks the best on the product page.

Patent Art

For an incredibly unique personalized print, browse our patent art collection. We take images from the original patents of popular sports items, such as basketballs, fishing rods, hunting rifles, and much more.

The prints give a sepia-toned, antique look, so they would go great in a basement or home office.

Personal Sports Prints for Teenagers

Teenagers are extremely hard to shop for — not because they don’t tell you what they want, but rather because it seems like their tastes change every two days. You want to give them a gift they’ll cherish for years, not just for days.

Sports Art With a Personal Touch

As opposed to athletic gear such as basketball shoes, a jersey, or a bat, your kid can’t outgrow their personalized art. It’s a timeless gift that pays homage to their favorite sport.

We recommend our personalized print series for sports art, featuring a baseball, softball, football, and lacrosse print. Browse the collection today to see what your son or daughter might like the best.

Sports Art for Mom

Moms are just as tired of getting flowers for Mother’s Day and birthdays as you are of giving them. Surprise your mother with sports-themed decor that shows you pay attention to her activities and interests.

Patent Art

Patent art is as good for a mom as it is for a dad. Its antique look means it adds character to a home, and the original patent design really puts a unique spin on sports art.

Vintage Ski Poster

If your mom is into skiing or snowboarding, a vintage ski poster is an awesome choice. It represents these winter sports, but isn’t just another picture of a ski slope. Check out this personalized vintage ski poster and more sports-themed wall decor today!

Sports Wall Decor for the Home

Are you just in the market for a piece of art that the whole family can enjoy?

We recommend our classic Letter Art Name design with a sports-related theme, such as football, baseball, golf, or skiing.

Check out these sports wall decor products from Personal-Prints today, and test out writing your own first or last name to see how it looks!