Ballerina Ballet Dance Patent Framed Wall Art Gift Set | Personal-Prints

Ballerina Ballet Dance - Patent Art Set

Based on the actual and original patents for items uniquely identified with many different professions and artistically set on a vintage paper background, each print is published in our USA studio and finished behind glass in a 14"x17" contoured polystyrene frame with a wood grain finish. We currently have sets for a dentist, doctor or physician, EMT, Firefighter, LEO or police officer, Nurse, Photographer, Dancer or Ballet instructor, and School Teacher!


Free Shipping! Our family company is swamped with orders. While we are very grateful about this, we feel bad that you wont get your order by Christmas. Use code BELATED20 for 20% off.

We handcraft each personalized order. So please give us 2-5 business days for product creation (you can't rush awesomeness). After that, we offer free ground shipping, which generally takes 5-7 business days. You can elect to expedite shipping for the exact fee we pay carriers (we don't make money on shipping). Thanks!

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