Ballerina Ballet Dance Patent Framed Wall Art Gift Set | Personal-Prints

Ballerina Ballet Dance - Patent Art Set

Based on the actual and original patents for items uniquely identified with many different professions and artistically set on a vintage paper background, each print is published in our USA studio and finished behind glass in a 14"x17" contoured polystyrene frame with a wood grain finish. We currently have sets for a dentist, doctor or physician, EMT, Firefighter, LEO or police officer, Nurse, Photographer, Dancer or Ballet instructor, and School Teacher!


We handcraft each personalized order. So please give us 2-5 business days for product creation (you can't rush awesomeness). After that, we offer free ground shipping, which generally takes 5-7 business days. You can elect to expedite shipping for the exact fee we pay carriers (we don't make money on shipping). Thanks!

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