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A unique and memorable proposal

While Patrick Kissinger is from a generation of text messages, facebook, and tweeting, he used the romance of a personalized message delivered in the mail to propose to his long-distance sweetheart.

Every man wants his wedding engagement to be memorable and romantic. With an average of 6000+ marriages every day in the US, men are hard pressed to put together a unique proposal. That’s why we see billboards at sports games emblazoned with the big question, proposals on TV, or hear about private strolls on a moonlit beach concluding with a small box and a diamond ring.

But what if you are involved in a long distance relationship?  That was the exact predicament facing Patrick while he worked on the east coast and his girlfriend – Tessa – remained at home in California. While searching the web for an Anniversary present, he stumbled upon - the online storefront for a personalized art publisher. He found a painting titled “Love Birds” of two black-capped chickadees sitting on an aspen tree with a heart “carved” on in the bark below.

Rather than having the artist add “Patrick + Tessa” as the personalization inside the heart, Patrick had the print personalized with “Will You Marry Me?” The print was delivered to Tessa’s doorstep several days later, and she immediately began mulling the medium for her response.

Although she could have quickly given Patrick a call, Tessa decided to respond in the same romantic fashion. After a week of anticipation, Patrick opened a package from Personal-Prints and inside was a "Love Birds" print personalized with “YES.”

*To maintain confidentiality for our customers, the names in the article above are pseudonyms.

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