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Game Tile Decorating Ideas

Social Media is full of fun decorating and craft ideas made from Scrabble Tiles. There are magnets for the fridge, coasters, ornaments and even trendy earrings and necklaces made from the little wooden pieces. But one of our all-time favorite creative designs is "Game Tile Art" from the artists at These 6"x8" oversized game tiles can be used to create a fun art sculpture for any wall that is personalized with the name or words of your choice.

This could be a fun (although time consuming) DIY project, but we have found the $9.95 price tag an exceptional value and well worth the high quality of the art... as well as all of the compliments it receives. 

View the full collection of game tiles here, including their exclusive 'heart' tile, and create your personalized game tile art today.


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