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New Personal-Prints Artist - Cody Johnson

Personal-Prints is thrilled to announce the addition of a talented new graphic artist, Cody Johnson. Cody is a recent graduate from the University of Northern Colorado and has hit the ground running with four new personalized art designs. For the month of May, receive free shipping on any of these great prints with coupon code: FREESHIP


"This is a special quote to me, as it reminds me of the love that my wife and I have for each other. I wanted to capture this unmeasurable love with a beautiful night sky, the romantic text and the special ability to personalize each piece. I really like how the type illuminates off the image." - Cody Johnson 


"I wanted this piece to have a vintage feel with fun lettering and simple illustrations that are reminiscent of a sign you may find at your favorite classic bar. I want it to bring back memories of good beer and the fun times shared with close friends and family." - Cody Johnson


"This piece was inspired by a get-a-way with my wife near Puget Sound on the West Coast. I feel that the quote and the image really compliment each other and that the personalization is really beautiful in this print. What is more romantic than a kiss on the beach at sunset?" - Cody Johnson


"I wanted to use a variety of textures and fonts that would work together to create an interesting and beautiful piece. The personalization in this print is the focal point so I made each letter unique and chose a color palate that is vibrant and will match the decor in a wide variety of spaces." - Cody Johnson

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