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I don't need another tie, belt, or trinket - Father's Day Gifts that will be treasured for a lifetime

I never know what to get my dad for father's day and I know that my wife and kids would say I am just as hard to shop for. It probably doesn't help that when they ask, I usually say that I need to think about it. Even then I can't even come up with something for myself other than I need some new socks (or something else just as lame) and nothing says "I appreciate you dad" like giving him new socks ha. Anyway, I usually end up with a gift card, or a shirt or something that I do appreciate (because I know how hard I am to shop for) and I use it and forget about a few days later.

That cycle changed last year when I got a different kind of gift. This was a gift that I will keep for the rest of my life and makes me feel joy each time that I see it. I should give you a warning though... If you give dad this gift, the bar will be raised and you will be hard pressed to match it next year. I received a piece of art. No, I am not talking about a drawing my 4-year old did on a notebook piece of paper (although these do make me smile). It was an art print that was personalized from my wife and kids to me.

Their personalized message to me was a part of the art and said "Happy Father's Day 2014, Love Caleb, Avery & Emma." along with a quote: "One of the best gifts I ever received came from God and I call him 'Dad'." My kids were so excited to give it to me and I felt so overwhelmed by their love that one of my eyes may have sweated a little :) I have had that print hanging in my office for the past year and everyday I am reminded of that special moment and the pride I feel as a father. 

I highly encourage you to check out the personalized father's day art collection from Personal-Prints and don't get dad another tie, gift card, or worse... socks. 

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