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3 People Who’ll Love Our Music Letters Name Print

At the Personal-Prints studio, we strive to create thoughtful pieces that make excellent gifts for special people in your life. Whether you’re shopping for your significant other, a child, a beloved coach, or a favorite teacher, there’s bound to be a piece of personalized art in our collection that’s perfect for them.

Music Letters Name Print is a prime example of personalized art that makes an incredible gift for any music-lover in your life. This canvas is unique, thoughtful, and tasteful — it’s everything you need a gift to be!

If you love this print, you can get it for yourself or give it as a gift to any number of people. For inspiration, here are a few people who would love this type of personalized art.


Young Musicians

Does your little one have a fondness of music? Did they have a “lightbulb” moment the first time they sat down at a piano? Do they ask to go to band camp instead of summer camp?

For young musicians, there’s nothing more important than having adults who kindle this love of music. There’ll be crescendos and decrescendos in their musical journey, but supportive adults can help to keep the passion alive.

There’s no better way to fuel the fire than with the Music Letters Name Print from our collection. This personalized art allows you to choose the name, and we’ll bring it to life in musical images. Little ones love personalized gifts, so this art is sure to please.

Music Teachers

Looking for a gift for your family piano teacher who’s retiring after 30 years? On the hunt for a holiday gift for your kids’ favorite band teacher? Look no further than Music Letters Name Print.

This print is not only personalized, but it’s also available as a block mount or framed canvas. Whichever option you choose, you’ll get a ready-to-hang, elegant work of art delivered to you. What’s better than a thoughtful gift? A thoughtful gift that requires no set-up or labor.

Because you can choose the name of your choice, you can use first names, last names, or nicknames to display. This makes Music Letters Name Print especially good for music teachers.


Who said you can’t treat yourself to the gift of personalized art? Whether you teach lessons in your basement and want to make it feel more like a music studio or you just love all things music, there’s no better canvas.

In addition to personalizing your name, you can also personalize which musical images we use for each letter. Watch the letter “N” turn into sixteenth notes and the letter “P” become a staccato note. 

Order Online From Personal-Prints

Whether you want your living room design to strike a chord or your kid’s room to have a musical touch, Music Letters Name Print is here for you. Available in different finishes and sizes, this personalized art can fit any room you need.

Preview how your own name will lookand check out our various framing options. When you’re all set, place an order online today at Personal-Prints!

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