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Love Birds - How Personalized Art Began

Personal-Prints began in 1998 in the home of nationally renowned artist Scott Kennedy with a single print titled "Love Birds". Scott created this romantic scene as a gift to his wife in honor of their marriage. The original watercolor painting depicted two Black Capped Chickadees nestled together on an aspen limb but what really made it special was the heart carved into the Aspen bark where he painted their initials into the scene. Needless to say, his wife loved it and so did everyone who saw it prompting individual requests for copies of the image. In these early days, Scott would hand-paint the personalized names onto each print as a unique creation, individually made for each customer... and thus a new genre of personalized art was born.

The popularity of "Love Birds" grew rapidly and it was soon recognized as one of the top selling art prints in all of North America and even after 17 years it remains a customer favorite and one of the most sought after prints in the Personal Prints collection. Scott Kennedy's "Love Birds" is the print that started it all. From that first print, Scott created (and continues to create) an expanding collection of art prints, featuring a wide variety of subject matter, individually personalized for each customer. Click here to view Scott's full collection of personalized art. 

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