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A Solstice Experience

The summer solstice marks the first day of summer, or the day with most sunlight in 2015. The solstice is the apex, the high point, and the marker of new beginnings on our calendar. It is for that reason our parent company is named Solstice Arts. At the solstice each year, our family studio takes time to reflect on how our work over the past year has contributed to zenith experiences and new beginnings. We also work together to see how we can make our work a more “solstice” type experience.

The earth without “ART” is just “EH.” In our view, art is meant to inspire, to personally connect with viewers, to be a positive catalyst for change, and to provide beauty. Art makes the world a better place. To help make our community a better place, we have made it a point for our company to donate artwork to wonderful organizations. For example, we donate a piece of artwork to each home dedicated by Greeley Habitat for Humanity. The art is personalized for the families. We also donate to many local charity auctions, raffles, and events. We see this as an important part of our job as artists. 

We have also forged or grown relationships with many of our not-for-profit partners. Including the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, Pheasants Forever, the Samoyed Club of America, etc. These organizations do great work, and we are happy to partner with them in preserving the environment, animals, and beauty.    

The summer solstice also marks the beginning of summer, and we strive to share in new beginnings with our customers. Many of our art pieces are created as a celebration of a new marriage with names and the wedding date customized in the print. One or two times a year, we even get the opportunity to share in a wedding proposal. Last week we were blessed to have a print personalized “marry me.”  We love sharing that joy with you.

We hope to share many more “solstice” type experiences and thank you for letting our family create personalized art for you.

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