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5 Featured Personal-Prints For Kids

In a sense, children are the easiest on the holiday shopping list. If they haven’t already presented a detailed list of the 50 items they want under the tree, you probably have a sense of their tastes, favorite video games, and whether they need new clothes.

The thing that makes giving gifts to children difficult is finding ones that’ll withstand the test of childhood. Your son will outgrow that pair of pajama pants in a few months, and your daughter will move on to her next favorite soccer star in a matter of days. How do you find a gift that they’ll cherish, even through the various phases and stages of childhood?

At Personal-Prints, we think that personalized canvas art is one of the absolute best gifts to give your child. Not only does personalized art make a thoughtful gift, but it also can serve as an anchor point for your child’s room — plus, it doesn’t have a screen!

If you’re looking for a personalized gift that your children will still love, consider the gift of personalized art. We’ve recommended some of our favorite kids art prints, but be sure to browse the entire kids collection today to find the best choice.

1. Pirate Ship Personalized Kids Art

For a fantastical, whimsical addition to any child’s room, we recommend the pirate ship personalized kids art. This canvas stands out with striking blues and yellows, transporting your imaginative child to a day on the high seas.

Whether your child has always loved the Pirates of the Caribbean movies or plays pirate any chance they get, this pirate ship personalized art is a great choice. Plus, we uniquely personalize each canvas, so it’ll spell out your child’s name in the sky.

Let your child’s sense of adventure take to the sea with this bright, personalized art from Personal-Prints.

2. Spaceship Personalized Kids Art

If your daughter dreams of being like Sally Ride or Mae Jemison, let her imagination lift off with our spaceship personalized kids art.

With layered colors of orange and green and a spaceship blasting off, this creative print can take your child’s room to the next galaxy. As with all of our prints, we personalize each with details that make it unique. Add your child’s first or last name, and we’ll make them the captain of the ship.

3. Personalized Sports Prints

For older teens or avid athletes, our personalized sports prints are the way to go.

From baseball pitcher art to women’s lacrosse personalized prints, our personalized sports prints collection has an option for any athlete.

No matter the sport you choose, you can personalize the canvas with your player’s name, jersey number, jersey color, skin tone, and even whether they’re right- or left-handed.

In addition to sports prints, we also create a variety of sports name art prints, like our featured soccer name art print. Choose whatever name you want, and we’ll bring the text to life in sports-related images.

Preview your desired text today to see how your finished canvas art might look! Be sure to browse the whole collection, as we have name art for just about any sport your child might play.

4. Kids Animal Name Art

We recommend our Kids Animal Name Art Printfor younger children. This incredible print features animal illustrations by Mark Ludy, an acclaimed illustrator. Because each print is uniquely personalized, you’re able to spell out the name of your choice, and we’ll add entertaining animals to each letter.

This print is also a great educational tool, as we match animals to their corresponding alphabet letter. So, an “e” might feature an eagle, and an “l” might have a leopard. There’s no better way to encourage your child to learn the alphabet than with vibrant animal imagery.

For newborns and toddlers alike, Kids Animal Name Art is an excellent choice to make.

5. Camping Personalized Kids Art

If your child loves the outdoors, transport them to a night under the stars with our Camping Personalized Kids Art print.

We use deep blue and pink hues to capture a night camping with family by a fire and under a full moon. If you have a little one who begs you to pitch a tent any chance they can get, encourage their love of the outdoors with this great personalized art.

Give your kid a gift this holiday season that’ll last for years to come. Order online today from Personal-Prints!

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