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6 Personalized Art Gifts to Give This Holiday Season

Can you believe that Christmas is a little more than two weeks away? You’re not alone if the thought of venturing out into crowded malls and maxing out your credit card makes you feel like a bit of a Scrooge.

What if we told you that there’s an easy way to get something for everyone on your list without leaving your home? Today’s post features six personalized art gifts you can give to your friends and family members this holiday season, all without getting in the car or going over your budget. Check out the video below to see how it works, and read on for more information about a few of the best sellers at Personal-Prints!

Five Personalized Art Ideas

Firearm Guns Name Art Print Photo of the Firearm Guns Name Art Print from Personal-Prints.

Hunters and shooting enthusiasts can be difficult to shop for. You’re no stranger to the fact that they already have multiple guns with an endless list of accessories to match. You can always buy ammunition or clothing from their favorite brands, but you’re really only regifting items and brands that they already have.

Instead of giving them something they’ll probably get from others this year, why not give them a beautiful personalized art print that’s created using different firearms, ammunition, clips, and other firearm-related imagery. You can also add a customized background featuring soldiers, camouflage, ammunition, and other imagery that further customizes the piece for the lucky recipient.

Coastal Beach Name Art Print 

Personal-Prints is based in Colorado, and it’s safe to say that we’re all missing the warm weather now that we’ve had a few big snowstorms. Whether or not you live in a cold climate, this personalized art print is the perfect way to transport yourself to a warm, sandy beach and clear your mind as you rest and relax.

Maybe you’re looking for a creative reminder of your honeymoon, or perhaps you’re shopping for a close friend who visits a beach house for the holidays. No matter who you’re shopping for, we know that they’ll love their personalized beach art!


Golf Name Art Print Photo of the Golf Name Art Print from Personal-Prints.

Golfers are a lot like firearm enthusiasts in the sense that it’s hard to find a great gift that they don’t already have. Golf isn’t exactly the most affordable sport, either.

Our Golf Name Art Print is the perfect solution! It features golf-related imagery like clubs, golf balls, and even those pesky trees that always seem to get in the way. You can also customize the background and feature retro golf club blueprints, a golf ball close-up, beautiful course scenery, and so much more. This gift is sure to be a hole-in-one!


Wine Name Art Print 

Wine is a staple (some would argue a necessity) of the holiday season. You can always get the wine lover in your life a nice bottle, but they’ll probably just add it to their collection and save it for a special occasion. It might be years before they enjoy your gift!

Of course, we won’t argue and tell you that there’s anything wrong with buying someone a nice bottle of wine for a gift, but we recommend giving it along with our Wine Name Art Print. The piece features wine-related imagery that they’ll instantly recognize, and the background can feature anything from a vineyard to a pile of corks resembling the one in their kitchen.

Music Letters Name Print 

You’ve probably noticed a theme in today’s post — some people and interests are harder to shop for than others. Musicians are another group that can be difficult to buy for, but this print is the perfect way to give them something that speaks from the heart without spending hundreds of dollars on a new instrument or accessories.

Perfect for music teachers, experienced players, and novice musicians alike, this personalized art piece features sheet music imagery and a number of music-related backgrounds that the recipient is sure to love. Choose from piano keys, guitar strings, vintage sheet music, and so much more!

Coffee Name Art Print 

Who doesn’t love a good cup of Joe? Every coffee drinker appreciates high-end beans and the latest gadgets, but the Coffee Name Art Print is the perfect addition to their cozy home-based cafe! It features a coffee-themed alphabet and a number of background options that are sure to get the recipient to pour a second cup. Just make sure that they brew one for you, too!

Order Your Name Art From Personal-Prints Today!

We hope that today’s post will help you save time and money as the holidays get closer and closer. If you found today’s entry helpful, we recommend signing up for our email list, bookmarking our blog, and checking out our YouTube channel for even more great content.

There’s still time to get your personalized art prints before Christmas — customize and order yours from Personal-Prints today!

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