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An Ode To Colorado Aspen Season

At Personal-Prints, we’re all about getting into nature. As a Colorado-based company, it’s pretty hard not to hit the trails, climb the peaks, and fish in the streams.

If you’ve browsed our collection of personalized art, you’ve probably noticed how much inspiration we draw from our Colorado scenery. Whether it’s portraying the quiet beauty of whitetail deer making fresh tracks in newly fallen snow or a moose grazing in a forest, we certainly use our backyard as our canvas.

For as much as we love fly fishing, hunting, skiing and snowboarding, and all the activities that Colorado boasts, we think that Aspen trees might be the most beautiful Colorado scene of them all.

Distinct for the mountain west region, Aspen trees are truly a sight to behold. We’ve used Aspen trees to inspire many of our personalized canvas art precisely because they’re so magnificent.

Given the abundance of Aspen trees in our Personal-Prints art, we want to take the time to provide more information about what makes these trees so awe-inspiring.

A Little About Aspen Trees

Aspen trees are a deciduous tree common in Colorado, Utah, and throughout the western states. While we think of Aspen trees as individual trees, an entire grove of trees is actually the same singular organism. Indeed, an Aspen grove in Utah takes the cake as the largest living organism on Earth. Believe it or not, the Quaking Aspen outweighs even blue whales and hippopotamuses in this category.

According to Living on Earth, an environmental news program, an Aspen grove (one organism) in Utah covers 106 acres of land and weighs nearly 6,000 tons.

Not only do Aspens hold the record for the largest singular organism, but they’re also known for their distinctive quaking sound. If you lay in an Aspen grove on a breezy day, see if you can hear the rustling from which they derive their name.

Aspens In Autumn

Each fall, Aspen trees paint the natural Colorado skyline with vivid hues of orange, red, yellow, and green. Because each grove turns at a slightly different time, you might see a mountainside that looks as if it’s on fire.

This spectacle lasts only a few weeks, with prime Aspen season falling usually falling in mid- or late September.

If you’re lucky enough to visit Colorado during this time, we recommend the following hikes and outdoor excursions for optimal Aspen viewing.

  • Maroon Bells in Aspen — this iconic Aspen-season hike is the most popular in the state. Be sure to arrive early and expect to take a shuttle bus up to the Maroon Lakes.
  • Trail Ridge Road — as the highest continuous paved road in the country, Trail Ridge Road offers an amazing vantage point to see a panorama of illuminated Aspen trees.
  • Buffalo Pass — just west of Steamboat Springs, this pass is as full of beautiful Aspens as any area in the state.

If you can’t visit Colorado, you can still experience the magic of Aspen trees with our collection of Aspen-inspired personalized art.

Explore the collection today and order online from Personal-Prints!

Aspen - Personalized Art

The tall, rectangular shape of this canvas is appropriate to capture the bark and leaves of an Aspen tree in fall. You can personalize this art by adding your names to be etched into the tree bark.

For anyone who wants to showcase the simple beauty of an Aspen tree in the fall, this personalized print is a great option!

Aspen Up

Aspen Upoffers an incredible upward-facing perspective, capturing yellow Aspen leaves juxtaposed against a bluebird sky.

The unique view includes the tree trunk in the foreground, where you can individually personalize the etching to include two names of your choice.

If you and your partner fell in love in Colorado or enjoy spending time beneath Aspen trees, this personalized print would be a great addition to your home.

Order this canvas online today or browse the entire collection online at Personal-Prints!

About Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints is a family-owned business that specializes in creating personalized wall art for the home. In addition to our Aspen-inspired prints, we also feature sports, hunting, cabin, patent art, and many more personalized art collections.

Shop online today to find Aspen-themed personal prints and more personalized canvas art!

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