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Featured Coastal Art For Your Home

Even though we’re a Colorado company in a land-locked state, we know there’s just something special about the coast.

The calm of ocean waves; the salty breeze blowing through your hair; the sun gently rising over a blue horizon. We wanted to catch this feeling of the shore with our line of coastal-themed personalized art.

Whether you’re decorating a beach house or just want to bring some of the beach (minus the sand) back to your home, we recommend these five featured canvas prints.

Coastal Beach Name Art

This personalized art is one of our all-time best sellers. It’s a perfect addition to any family beach home, as you can display the name of your choosing (usually your family’s last name), and we’ll use beach-inspired images to craft the name. There’s no better way to welcome family and guests alike to a beach house than with personalized art.

Watch as your last name is transformed into coastal scenes of shells, lighthouses, and waves gently crashing toward shore. You can even preview how your name will look, so be sure to check out this amazingly unique canvas print today!

Our Island Getaway

Capture the serenity and cerulean blue of the ocean with Our Island Getaway. This beautiful canvas depicts an oceanfront scene just beyond a window frame. Palm trees adorn the shore, creating a shady foreground that opens to a calm sea.

As a personalized touch, we inscribe two names of your choosing into the palm tree bark and wrap them in a heart. If you honeymooned in paradise, have a dream of running away to an island with your person, or generally feel calmed by the beach, Our Island Getaway would make a perfect addition to your home.

Toes In The Sand

Walking hand-in-hand down the beach might be one of life’s most romantic moments. Toes In The Sand features your names drawn inside a heart in the sand. Two sets of footprints walk on either side of the heart, making their way into the clear, blue water.

Available as a block mount, under glass, or a framed canvas, you can get this uniquely personalized art in the size and frame you want.

Message In A Bottle

This personalized art is filled with smaller, personalized details that make it a treasure. A sunlit window opens to a sandy beach as high tide makes its entrance. Two seagulls glide through the clear sky, and a bright blue bottle sits on the window sill. As a personalized touch, a piece of parchment — the message in a bottle — has two names of your choice scrawled onto it.

Transport yourself to the beauty of the sea, even when you’re miles away. Order this calming canvas online today from Personal-Prints!

Island Dreams

Island Dreams transports you to those long, lazy days of summer vacation. A hammock, all set with comfortable pillows and blankets, rests between two palm trees. In the sand right near the hammock, we inscribe two names of your choice within a heart. Without any people in the print, it’s up to your imagination as to whether you went to refill your pina colada, cooled off in the sea, or went on a walk down the beach.

Bring the beauty of a tropical vacation back to your home. Order Island Dreams online today!

About Our Coastal Art

Personal-Prints is a family-owned company that makes uniquely personalized art for all occasions. Our collection of coastal-themed canvas art is designed for anyone who feels at peace by the beach. Whether you want to decorate your beach home with these fitting canvases or have a reminder of your happy place at home, coastal wall art is the way to go.

Order one of these featured prints online today, or browse the rest of our beach collection!

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