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Gift Ideas For Christmas

Our last blog post was dedicated to why fall is the best season, but we couldn’t leave it at that without giving winter it’s chance to shine. When compared to summer and even fall, winter is a universe away, with snow covered lawns, furnaces, and wood burning stoves pumping out heat to your home, winter mittens, fuzzy hats and socks, rosy cheeks, and stockings hanging from the mantle.

Speaking of stockings, because winter is filled with holidays, instead of focusing this blog on why winter is the best, we’re going to offer some help in the gift giving department. With beautiful and detailed personalized name art designs and paintings, you can shop for the whole family and all of your friends and relatives at one place. However, being able to shop at one place may not make choosing the specific gifts any easier. So if you’re shopping for your mother, sister, significant other, cousins, uncle, or your crazy neighbor, we have what you need.


Personalized Name ArtThe people who cared for you, loved you, and made you do your homework each night — a gift for your parents needs to say ‘I love you’ in a unique and special way. After each passing year of giving gifts that need to top the previous, even though they would be fine with a new set of kitchen towels, it can be a challenge finding a present that fits their personalities, their home, and has a personal meaning to both you and them. Here are a couple suggestions:

  • Home is Where the Heart is: A tree with an intricate design of ornate branches, the family name at the bottom, their children’s name circling the top of the tree, and a red heart in the center representing their love for the family. This personalized name art print is simple but has a meaning that encompasses what it means to be a part of the family.
  • My Family Photo: If you have a photo that reminds you of how unique and complete your family is, give the photo a special touch. With a subtle, sepia-toned tree in the background that blends seamlessly with the photo and your family’s name prominently featured, you can remind your parents of the loving family they created.


 Personalized Name ArtThe options are endless when it comes to choosing a gift for a sibling and can be one of the more difficult gifts to choose. You’ve grown up with them, fought with them, shared clothes, secrets, and you’ve seen them grow into adults, possibly with families of their own. How do you choose a gift that represents their interests and personalities? With siblings, you can keep it simple or choose a gift that reminds you of a moment you shared together.

  • Cold Days & Warm Hearts: In the spirit of winter and memories, yet still keeping it simple, anyone would love this thoughtful scene of a classic sled resting against a tree in the snow. You can add their name or even yours to this personalized name art and they will think of you whenever they see it.
  • State Art: If you prefer to play it safe, these state art designs are personal and beautiful. Though they may not have a Christmas or holiday theme, they feature iconic images from their home state. Make it a true gift by adding their name or a family name to the bottom of the design.


 Personalized Name ArtThe people who spoiled you, loved you to the max, and gave you some of the best life advice, grandparents have a special place in our hearts. This holiday season, give them something that they will cherish as much as you. Fill their home with beautiful Christmas decor and a print that represents the quietness of love.

  • Merry Christmas Letters: This personalized name art uses photographs with a Christmas theme to spell out the word Christmas. Add their name to the bottom and everyone who comes into their home will be welcomed with love and warmth.
  • Autumn Meadow: A soft black and white image of a leaning tree and two deer below is a simple reminder of how powerful relationships can be.


 Personalized Name ArtThrough the ups and downs, thick and thin, friends will be there when you need them most or for the simple moments of just sitting in silence watching a movie. Giving friends a gift is about what the relationship means to you, it can be simple and fun or can commemorate good times from the past and those to come.

  • EAT Name Art: The personalized name art triptych uses food-themed photographs to spell the word Eat, showing that whatever happens throughout the years, it can be resolved over a good meal.
  • Good Beer Great Friends: Let your friends know what game night with beers at their house has meant to you. Sometimes, all it takes for a friendship to last for years is a beer.

Significant Other

 Personalized Name ArtA truly powerful love, a gift for your significant other is an important choice. Whether you have been together for decades or this is your first holiday season together, make it a special one by giving a personalized name art gift. Include the name of the one you love on a piece of art that shows the meaning of love with an image.

  • Christmas Letter Name Print: A great Christmas themed gift, you can choose a name or word that represents your relationship, like Love or Happiness.
  • Snowflake: A beautiful and unique snowflake with the phrase “Ours is a one of a kind love.” With a small pink heart in the center of the snowflake, let your significant other they are the center of your life.

It might seem early now to be thinking about Christmas gifts, but winter and the holiday season are right around the corner. To find the perfect personalized name art gift for everyone on your list, Personal-Prints has the variety you need. Whether you’re searching for your parents, friends or relatives, give a gift that is unique and can be personalized with their name, a family name, or your name. Home decor doesn’t have to be boring and impersonal, shop here for special gifts that are special and full of love.

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