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How to Decorate Your Home for Spring

Spring is the season of fresh starts, renewal, and growth, and your home is no exception! Spring cleaning and redecorating are two ways to give your home new life as the seasons change, but it’s not always easy to know where to start.

In our last post, we outlined a few spring cleaning tips designed to make this year’s top-to-bottom cleaning project as easy as possible. In this post, we’re going to focus on a few ways to decorate your home for spring. We’ll end with a quick overview of our favorite personalized art prints that will add brightness, color, and warmth to your walls. Visit the Personal-Prints catalog for even more personalized art that's perfect for springtime decorating!

Your Guide to Spring Decorating

Use Accent Pieces

Unless you want to decorate your home for spring all year long (no judgment here!), accent pieces are one of the more cost-effective ways to personalize your home without making too much of a dent in your budget.

Start by looking for small opportunities to add a splash of color into a room. Could you purchase teal candles to set on the mantle? Can you swap out the throw pillows on your couch for something just a bit more festive? It sounds simple, but a few well-placed pops of color throughout your home will create bursts of color that mirror springtime blossoms.

Fill Your Home With Flowers

Speaking of blossoms, you can never go wrong with decorating your home using springtime flowers. A nice vase complete with a beautiful bouquet will create a stunning centerpiece in any room, but you can also use smaller collections of flowers to create additional accents throughout your home. If you don’t want to purchase flowers all season long, consider investing in high-quality replicas that you can either put into storage or display throughout the year!

If you want to get extra creative, try painting your own vase! Mason jars have become a popular choice in recent years, but you can also paint your own flower pot or repurpose vase-shaped items you would otherwise throw out!

Invest in Personalized Art

Accent pieces and flowers are great ways to add splashes of springtime color throughout your home, but artwork serves a number of different purposes. It can create a bold focal point when hung in the center of the room, or it can create a mood and complement other design elements without adding clutter in the way that other accent pieces such as flowers and candles might. It plays an essential role in setting the tone of your home, but it’s important to find pieces that reflect your taste, style, and aren’t mass-produced.

Whether you’re looking for a small piece of personalized art that can act as a supportive design element or something bigger and bolder that commands the room, there truly is something for everyone in the Personal-Prints catalog. Five of our favorite pieces of springtime art are listed below, and you can visit our floral collection for even more inspiration!

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