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Kid’s Room Decorating Ideas

Decorating a nursery or child’s room should be fun and playful, but it can sometimes be frustrating trying to find the perfect accessories, paint colors, storage solutions, and theme that your child will love. If you’re planning out a nursery or child’s room, Personal-Prints has a variety of children’s art prints that will brighten up any space and will give a boost of imagination for any child who loves playing in their room. The personalized art is a great way to make them feel special and that their room is just for them. Keep reading for some decorating tips and some of our favorite children’s art prints.


Toddlers and even older kids have a lot of toys, right? So setting up an organizational system can help keep your sanity in check while also giving your child some responsibility when it comes time to clean their room. The trick to keeping a child’s room organized is to add elements that are at their height. We sometimes forget that they can’t reach up to a normal shelf or tall bookcase height. So keep shelves, benches, and coat racks at a level that they will be comfortable with, making it easy for them to have access to put toys away.

Children’s Art PrintsGo Ahead, Draw on the Walls!

One of many parent’s nightmares is coming in to any room and finding that the walls are covered in crayon, marker, or pencil. To keep this from happening throughout the house, give them a designated space to draw on the walls to their heart’s content. Simply add wainscoting in the room and paint the wall below with chalkboard paint. They can create their own art whenever they want!

Paint Your Own Nightlight

If your child is afraid of monsters hiding in the closet and won’t turn out the lights without the nightlight on, use glow in the dark paint! Paint some constellations and the moon on the ceiling or even a cityscape on one of the walls to scare away the monsters when the lights are turned off.

Removable Decor

Children are frequently changing their minds about favorite colors and hobbies, so using removable wall transfers will keep them satisfied and it’s easy on your budget. Let them pick out the stickers so that they can take part in decorating the room and when they change their mind, they can help take them down!

Children’s Art PrintsCreate a Display Wall

Instead of using a pegboard to display the Valentines children bring home from school, pictures they drew, or magazine clippings, use galvanized metal to create a magnetic board. It’s safer than using sharp pins and it’s easier to rearrange the items to focus on certain things or create more space to add additional items. You can also find cute magnets that show their style.

Personal Touch

If you found a beautiful dresser with great details, but it needs a fresh layer of paint, take the opportunity to do something creative. Let your child pick out a color and help them paint on a polka dot design, flowers, or even add a literal personal touch with handprints. You’ll have a reminder of how small their hands were years down the road.

Hang Children’s Art Prints From Personal-Prints

The team at Personal-Prints love how big children’s imaginations and sense of adventure can be, so we’ve designed a variety of children’s art prints to help foster your kid’s imagination. Here are some of our favorite.

Children’s Art PrintsSpaceship

This tall rectangle print features a spaceship taking off into outer space with clouds in the background. With bright, playful colors and a balance of white, the personalized art can feature your child’s name at the bottom to help them feel like they can go wherever they dream. The print is available in three different sizes so it can easily fit into your space.

Fairy Tale

Perfect for any child who loves pink and being outside, this “fairy tale” children’s art print features a pink tent in a blue forest with a deer and pink moon in the background, and pink flowers in the foreground. Personalize the print by adding your kid’s name to the bottom of the print in a cursive font. With this print, you can always have a camping trip, whether it’s outside or in their room.

Bedtime Dreams

Perfect for a nursery or a growing toddler, this dreamy art print is full of fantastical details including flying fairies, toys that are dancing around the baby’s crib, and a smiling moon watching over the scene. Personalize the art by adding your baby’s name on the crib.

Children’s Art PrintsOwl Coloring Page

For kids who love coloring and being artistic, help them color in this owl perching on a tree branch with the moon behind it and then hang it on the wall of their room. The children’s art print comes with the glass and frame so it’s a perfect afternoon project that is easy to complete. Just stay in the lines!

When you’re planning out your nursery or child’s room, it’s fun to help nurture a child’s imagination and sense of adventure with art. And even better, you can add the kid’s name to the art to add an extra layer of special. Whether your child loves space, camping, fishing, or soccer, Personal-Prints has a variety of children’s art prints that are great to decorate with.

Browse through our collection of personalized art today to refresh your kid’s bedroom, kitchen, living room, or even the bathroom with art.

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