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Make Christmas Special For the Kids

personalized name art

Weeks before Christmas, children everywhere begin counting down the days. They create circles with colored paper and hang a string of them on the wall, tearing one off each day. They help parents shop for their siblings. And when Christmas Eve rolls around, they set out a plate of cookies for Santa and wake up early the next morning to find the tree surrounded with gifts and their stockings full of treats. For children, they look forward to this magical time of year for months. This year, make it memorable and special with personalized name art from Personal-Prints. We have a variety of personalized prints that will nurture their imagination and invite them into a world of art that they can explore. Children love to see their name on the wall or on their door, and with personalized name art, you can give them a gift that they will grow up with. Here are a few of our favorites.

Personalized Name ArtMonkey Business

The classic phrase, “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” is represented in a playful and fun way in this personalized name art print. The three wise monkeys have silly faces on, except, of course, the monkey showing ‘speak no evil.’ The monkeys are sitting on each others shoulders creating a tall frame that can be hung anywhere in your child’s room. The bright blue and green colors are accented by the orange/brown of the monkeys and will look great with whatever existing decor is in your child’s room. For an extra touch of silliness, there is a banana peel on the ground. To personalize the art, add your child’s name to a sign that is held by the monkey on top. Monkey Business will make a wonderful holiday gift for any child who has a goofy side.

Ultimate Tree House

Personalized Name ArtPersonal-Prints’ artist Mark Ludy has created a fantastical tree house including a slide that ends in a pool, a staircase leading to the top of the tree, a landing with a telescope, a rope that a boy is swinging from, and many more adventurous details hidden in the print. The tree house is surrounded by water and has a beautiful red boat to travel away on. Every inch of this personalized name art print represents the joy, wonder, and imagination of being a child. Personalize the print by adding your child’s name to a sign on the door leading inside the tree house, where there is undoubtedly more adventure to be found. For any child with an active imagination or who loves to explore the world around them, this will brighten their day.

Personalized Name ArtDance Ballet

For a truly customizable gift, the Dance Ballet Name Print has everything a little girl could want. The background of the personalized name art print is a view from the stage, looking out onto a large auditorium. The feature of the print is photographs with a ballet theme, including dancers in different positions and closeups of ballet shoes, bright colors, and even black and white images. These photographs create letters that can be used to spell out your child’s name. If there is an image you want to switch out, click on the letter and add your own touch to the print.

Personalized Name ArtBaseball

Using baseball themed photographs, surprise your child with a gift that is unique and sporty. The background of this personalized name art is a closeup of a baseball, with textured red stitching. The photographs used to spell out your child’s name include images of baseball gloves, the diamond, balls and bats, and more.

Stork Line Drawing

Personalized Name ArtThis beautiful and simple line drawing is great for a baby boy or girl who has just joined your family. With just a few black lines, a stork is depicted with a baby in a sack hanging from its beak on a white background. The contrast of black and white gives it a simple look, but the image still has a powerful feeling. Add your child’s name to the bottom of the personalized name art print and a second line can be added for birth date, weight, or any other detail you want to highlight. This is a gift your child can grow up.

For a wonderful Christmas holiday, shop at Personal-Prints for unique and personalized name art prints. Add your child’s name to beautiful pieces of art that will allow them to grow their imagination and take pride in their hobbies, whatever they are. From all of us at Personal-Prints, we hope you have a joyful holiday season.

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