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New Arrivals from Personal-Prints!

Since Personal-Prints started with “Love Birds” 30 years ago, our collection of personalized art has taken flight.

Now, we have a team of talented artists who bring their unique styles and interests into the mix at Personal-Prints — and we have hundreds and hundreds of prints in our collection.

For those who already have a few items from our Best Sellers collection or just want to see our latest prints, we want to highlight our New Arrivals collection.

Keep it fresh this year with new, personalized art from Personal-Prints!

Featured New Personalized Art Arrivals

Whether it’s a new natural scene or an eye-popping print inspired by graphic design, our collection at Personal-Prints is industry-leading.

Check out some of the newest personal prints in our collection, and order personalized art today!

1. Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Do you start humming, “Jingle Bells” as soon as you’ve finished your second plate of Thanksgiving dinner?

There’s no better way to get your home into the spirit of Christmas than with “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” from Personal-Prints.

This holiday-themed wall decor intersperses classic holiday imagery to create an exciting print. A snow-covered green and red wreath frames the quote. Snowflakes, ornaments, and the outline of evergreen trees adorn the background. At the bottom of this personalized art, we customize it with the name of your choice.

Whether you want Christmas-themed wall art for your holiday mantle or want to provide a warm welcome to winter guests, “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” is an excellent choice.

2. Bald Eagle Couple

Scott Kennedy is world-renowned for his wildlife art, and Bald Eagle Couple epitomizes his style. This new arrival features two striking bald eagles perching on a tree top. Unlike other sappy romantic art, this wildlife print captures love without any of the hearts and roses. Instead, it is uniquely personalized to include two names of your choice etched into the wood.

Available as a frameless wood block mount, framed behind glass, or as a framed giclée, this personalized art is customizable for any decor style.

3. Wolf Couple

Wolves are some of the most stunning creatures in nature, and Wolf Couple captures their beautiful intensity perfectly.

Like Bald Eagle Couple, this personalized art is a unique way to say “I love you.” The wolf couple features one wolf resting on fallen tree trunks, as the other wolf takes watch over its loved one. It might be a wildlife print, but the symbols of love in nature make it a great option for anniversaries, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or any other romantic occasion.

4. Pet Watercolor Prints

A recent blog post, “Throwing You A Bone — 5 Featured Pet Prints,” outlines our newest pet art arrivals in detail.

We have to mention some of our favorite new animal arrivals, though — pet watercolor prints. These amazing prints add a colorful modern flare to classic pet art. Personalized with your pal’s name, this print is a fun way to celebrate your furry companions.

Plus, this personalized option is available in multiple frame styles, including block mounts, under glass, and framed canvas.

5. Baseball Pop Art

Looking for a creative, modern gift for a baseball player? Baseball Pop Art includes elements of graphic design to make for an eye-catching print that could’ve jumped off the pages of a comic book.

This print still features the personalized aspects you expect from our personalized art. You can customize it with the jersey name, jersey number, and whether the batter is right- or left-handed.

Order Personalized Art Today

Order online today to have your personalized art delivered within two to five business days! Select these featured prints or check out the entire New Arrivalscollection.

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