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Throwing You A Bone — 5 Featured Pet Prints!

There’s a saying that humans don’t deserve dogs.

Our furry friends are always there to greet us, they get us outside when we feel unmotivated, and they’re unconditionally loving. They know when we’re sad and they protect us if we’re in danger.

After you’ve given them all the bones, squeaky toys, peanut butter treats, or catnip in the world, how else can you show your love for your furry friend?

Consider personalized art of your pet!

Personalized Pet Art

At Personal-Prints, we specialize in creating personalized canvas pet art. Most of our best-selling collection features dogs and cats, but we also carry personalized art with equestrian themes!

Check out these featured personalized pet prints today, and be sure to order online from Personal-Prints today!

1. Dog Watercolor Prints

We’re really excited about our new line of dog watercolor prints. These unique canvas prints feature an array of colors and texture, adding a creative aesthetic to classic canvas art.

Check out our Corgi watercolor print to get a feel for the look!

We feature all different sorts of dog breeds, so you can showcase Rocky, your Australian Shepherd, or Tiny Tim, your Boston Terrier. The best part about our watercolor prints is that they can each be uniquely personalized for your dog.

When you order a watercolor print from Personal-Prints, you can choose to have your own dog’s name featured. You also have a choice of canvas size and whether it’s a framed canvas or framed under glass.

If you want to feature your favorite pal but don’t just want another simple picture of them, we highly recommend our personalized watercolor pet art!

2. Dog And Cat Line Drawings

If you’re interested in a simpler aesthetic, we recommend our dog and cat line drawings! Unlike our watercolor prints, which feature a host of color, these prints are solid black line drawings.

They’re an excellent way to add a modern, understated piece of art to any room of the home. Plus, line art is more abstract, so you don’t need to worry about whether the art will be an exact replica of your pet.

This personalized art collection features more than 20 dog breeds, including:

  • Beagle
  • Boxer
  • Chihuahua
  • Corgi
  • Dachshund
  • Doberman
  • German Shepherd
  • Golden Retriever
  • Great Dane
  • Husky
  • Jack Russell
  • Labrador
  • Pointer
  • Pomeranian
  • Yorkie
  • Many more!

Cat people — we haven’t forgotten about you! We also represent your feline friends with this personalized cat line drawing.

Be sure to browse the entire collection of personalized pet art today to see if your breed is featured.

3. Dog Contemporary Art

For a fun pop of color with a contemporary feel, you have to explore our dog contemporary art canvases!

Take a look at our Dachshund Contemporary Art canvas to get a feel for the style. We feature an adorable image of your dog breed looking up, as if you’re about to give them a treat. Of course, we uniquely personalize each print, so you can feature your own dog’s name and choose between a red, blue, or yellow background.

We have a selection of breeds available so far, including black lab, maltese, and dachshund!

4. Geometric Dog Art

Our line of geometric dog art might be our favorite series we’ve ever created. We love the look that the geometric features give to the print. This type of personalized art is the best mix of artistic and personalized!

If you’re curious to see how your own dog’s name would look, check out the Labrador Geometric personalized artas an example.

Without too much color, this personalized canvas would go great in any room of the house.

5. Pet Photo Art

While we like to flex our creative muscles, we know there’s sometimes no substitute to your favorite picture of your furry friend. If you have a picture that captures your pet perfectly, we can create canvas art using the image! For a way to commemorate or honor your family’s beloved pet, we think this is an excellent option.

Turn your favorite photo of your dogor catinto art today with help from Personal-Prints.

About Personal-Prints

As a family-owned art company, Personal-Prints believes that the best art is inspired by the best things. If you have a beloved family pet that you want to remember or celebrate, Personal-Prints can help make this a reality.

Shop our fun, thoughtful line of personalized pet art today!

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