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Personalized Romantic Prints | The 12 Days of Printsmas

It’s the fourth day of Printsmas — what will you give to your true love this year?

While four calling birds might be on your list, we’re willing to bet that you’re looking for something just a bit more practical. The 12 Days of Printsmas is your chance to find inspiration for everyone in your life, and today we’re shining our spotlight on a few of our favorite romantic prints that you can personalize for your significant other.

Watch the video below to see the prints for yourself, and head over to the Personal-Prints catalog to see more than 130 personalized romantic prints!

Four Romantic Prints Your Partner Will Love

Love Birds

Love Birds is a Personal-Prints classic that’s popular all year long. It’s based on the stunning original watercolor painting by artist Scott Kennedy and printed on high-quality paper that captures the depth and detail of the original medium. In the bottom right corner, our artists will add you and your partner’s names inside of a heart that’s carved into an aspen tree. This piece is sweet, cozy, and sure to be a hit this holiday season!

Beach Lovers

If you’re looking for a personalized romantic print that’s a bit sunnier, then you’ll love Beach Lovers! This piece features a stunning beach, clear blue skies, and two beach chairs personalized with two names. 2020 has made it difficult to get away for a beachside vacation, but this print is sure to add warmth and relaxation to your holiday season. This piece is available in four different styles and two different sizes — visit the product page to view them all!

Love Letters

Does your significant other love photography? How about black and white art? Love Letters combines the two in a bold and eye-catching print featuring the word “Love” spelled out with beautiful photos. The piece also features two names and any date you’d like to add. Whether you add the date you first went out, your wedding anniversary, or another date that’s meaningful to you and your partner, we know that they’ll fall in love with Love Letters from the moment it’s on the wall!

Cozy Bears

Is there anything better than getting cozy during the holiday season? Cozy Bears is another classic piece by Scott Kennedy that captures the magic of snoozing on a snowy morning with two bears perched high in a canopy. A heart on the trunk of the tree features two names that are added by our artists and look like part of the original painting!

Stay Tuned for the Fifth Day of Printsmas!

Every relationship is unique, and that’s why we believe that personalized art is the best gift you can put under the tree this holiday season. Look through the rest of the Personal-Prints catalog for additional ideas, and be sure to go back and watch the first three days of Printsmas if you know anyone who would love firearms, sports, or beach art.

We’ll be back tomorrow for another day of Printsmas — don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow our blog!

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