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Searching for a Great Anniversary Gift?

If you’re celebrating an anniversary this summer, let us be the first to congratulate you!

The outbreak of COVID-19 and all of the ensuing hardship around the world has made it difficult to celebrate much of anything, but you and your partner’s special bond still deserves to be recognized and celebrated. You may not feel comfortable going to retail stores, and you may not want to order a mass-produced gift from an online vendor. Luckily, personalized art from the Personal-Prints catalog provides you with an easy and affordable way to give a unique gift without having to leave your home.

Today’s post features a few of our favorite romantic art prints you can give to your partner as you celebrate your time together. Read more about them below, and check out the rest of our catalog for even more inspiration!

Romantic Art Prints for Anniversaries

Love Letters 

“Love Letters” is easily one of the most dramatic pieces in the Personal-Prints catalog. It features bold black and white photos along with stark white text that can be read from across the room.

The word “love” is spelled using four black and white photos that include a box of chocolates, a daisy, a couple holding hands, and a flower on top of piano keys. Just add your names and a date to the piece and our artists will take care of the rest!


There’s nothing quite like sharing a glass of wine with your one and only. You may not be able to travel to a winery right now, but “Vineyard” instantly transports you to a scene featuring a luscious green landscape and a freshly opened bottle of wine.

The bottle can be personalized with two names and any date, allowing you to give even the most well-versed wino a bottle they’ve never had before. Whether you and your partner dream of operating a vineyard together or your love has simply aged like a fine wine, this romantic print is sure to be a hit.

Our Moon 

Is your partner a stargazer? Do you share a love of the cosmos or astrology? “Our Moon” is the perfect gift!

This romantic print is one of the most customizable pieces in our catalog. Choose between the ocean, a cityscape, or a treeline, and add your personalized text below. You and your partner’s names appear along with a special date, and we’ve even added a special message below! The text at the bottom of this print reads, “I love you to the moon and back again.”

But the personalized text isn’t what makes this print truly unique — it’s the moon itself! Once you’ve entered your special date, we’ll determine the phase of the moon that corresponds to the date and create a truly one-of-a-kind work of art!

Island Dreams 

It’s safe to say that all of us could use an island getaway after all of the stress and hardship we’ve experienced in 2020. If you and your loved one aren’t able to make it to the beach this year, let this romantic art print bring the warmth and comfort of a sandy beach to your home. Featuring a relaxing hammock and your names drawn in the sand, you can take a mini-vacation every time you stop to look at it!

Order Your Anniversary Gift Today

We hope that today’s post will help you find the perfect anniversary gift for your partner. As we mentioned at the beginning of this entry, we have an entire section of our catalog dedicated to romantic artwork, so be sure to look around for other great ideas!

The Personal-Prints blog is regularly updated with company news, deals, print releases, and other gift ideas. We recommend bookmarking our page and checking back frequently so that you don’t miss a thing.

Congratulations to you and your partner from all of us at Personal-Prints!

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