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What Will You Get Your Dad for Father's Day?

Can you believe that Mother’s Day is already in the rearview mirror and Father’s Day is just around the corner?

The big day will be here before you know it, and if you’re feeling the crunch of finding a great gift in time, today’s post is for you. Instead of rushing out at the last minute and grabbing a gift card, mug, or something generic from his favorite sports team, we recommend surprising him with one of the stunning personalized art gifts in our catalog.

Below, we’ll discuss five of our most popular personalized art prints for Father’s Day. Be sure to check out the rest of the Personal-Prints catalog for even more inspiration when you’ve finished reading this post!

Five Popular Father’s Day Prints

Firearm Guns Name Art

The Firearm Guns Name Art print is our number-one seller not just around Father’s Day, but throughout the entire year! It’s not hard to understand why — it’s loud, proud, patriotic, and perfect for the dad whose gun room could use a bit of decor. If you have fond memories of going to the range with your dad or packing up for a weekend hunting trip, the Firearm Guns Name Art is the perfect way to remind him of those memories every time he sees it.

Automobile / Cars Name Art

Is your dad a tinkerer? Is he the first person you call when your car makes a strange noise or breaks down on the side of the road? The Automobile / Cars Name Art print is perfect for dads who know their way around under the hood, and it features a number of different letter and background options that are perfect for vintage and contemporary enthusiasts alike. If you choose to personalize this name art piece, see if your dad can identify the make and model of the vehicle used to create each letter!

Dad & Children Puzzle Pieces

If you and your siblings would like to go in on a gift for your dad but are feeling puzzled about what to get, the Dad & Children Puzzle Pieces print is a great way to bring everyone together. It features space for up to eight children and is available in three stunning styles and a variety of different sizes. The quote at the bottom of the piece reads, "You are the piece that holds us together" — if this rings true for you and your family, head over to our catalog to personalize and order yours!

Dad & Children Personalized Sign

Is your dad a fan of simple designs? Does he enjoy woodworking or spending time in the Great Outdoors? The Dad & Children Personalized Sign features a gorgeous wooden background and space for you and your family members to add your names to the middle of the piece inside of the word “Dad.” We offer this piece as a block-mounted print and as a framed canvas, allowing you to choose a style your dad will love. No matter what you ultimately create, we know he’ll love it from the moment he opens the box!

Fishing Lures Dad & Children Sign

Does your dad love getting outside to fish? Whether he’s an open-sea fisherman or enjoys fly fishing in a local river, the Fishing Lures Dad & Children Sign is guaranteed to be a catch! It’s available in three beautiful styles and allows you and up to four other family members to add your names as personalized fishing lures. Our artists will bring names to life and create a stunning, colorful print he can hang with his fishing gear or next to his trophies!

Don’t Wait — Order Your Personalized Art Gifts Today!

We hope that today’s post will help you find a Father’s Day gift that your dad can treasure for years to come. If none of these prints are the right fit for your dad, just check out the rest of the Personal-Prints catalog! We have a number of different personalized name art pieces that cater to every interest, as well as a variety of other personalized art gifts that will look great on his wall.

Stay tuned for more Father’s Day gift ideas, and don’t forget to order your gift before the big day! We strive to ship all gifts within two to three business days, but we recommend ordering as early as possible in order to get ahead of possible delays.

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