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Sports-Themed Rooms for Kids

Decorating your child’s room around a sports theme can be incredibly fun and DIY-friendly. Unlike a child’s favorite color, which could be red on Monday and green on Tuesday, a love of sports tends to withstand the test of adolescence. So, you can put work into a bedroom now that your child will love for years to come.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you choose which sports theme decor to include in your child’s room, so the whole project doesn’t become a swing and a miss.

Paint Walls and Borders Based on a Sport

Infusing your child’s room with sports-themed colors is one of the easiest and most obvious ways to give it a sports feel.

You can go a few routes here. You could paint the room in the color-scheme of professional sports teams in the area, especially if your child is a fan of football, baseball, or hockey.

If you want to be more general, consider painting the walls a similar color as the field. For a baseball- or softball-themed room, you could use greens, browns, and whites strategically to give the atmosphere of a field. For basketball, you could choose an orange reminiscent of the color of a basketball.

Because rooms with these distinct colors can be a bit too much, we recommend choosing an accent wall on which to focus. Choose a wall or two, or even a ceiling, for the sports-specific color you want.

Install a Trophy Shelf

If your child is an athlete, display his or her talents! Having a trophy shelf prominently displayed in a room not only adds sports-themed decor, but it also celebrates your child’s accomplishments and embeds the room with positive memories.

Don’t forget the ribbons, too! You can hang ribbons near the trophy shelf, or you could form a border over a door with the bright ribbons.


Have you ever considered the idea of using a locker in a home? Probably not. However, for a sports-themed room, an old-fashioned gym locker is an incredible addition. Not only is is practical, but it also enhances your theme.

If you don’t want to commit to a full gym locker, you can still accent the dresser or closet door to fit the theme. You could paint the seams of a baseball or basketball onto the doors for a more subtle touch!

Personalized Art

You don’t want to plaster the room with pictures of your kid playing sports. After all, as they grow up in the room, they’ll become more embarrassed by goofy toddler pictures of them in their first Little League Outfit. Instead, invest in more timeless pieces of sports-themed decor such as a personalized canvas print.

Depending on your child’s sport, you can find a personalized print that pays homage to their passion. Personal-Prints carries prints for baseball, softball, football, lacrosse, golf, and more! When you order a classic print, you can choose which name you display on the jersey. It’s the perfect compromise to feature personalized art that doesn’t just showcase your kid’s face!

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