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4 People in Your Life Who Need Personalized Art

Have you finished your holiday shopping?

We haven’t either.

At Personal-Prints, we know that the holiday season is one of the busiest times of the year, and many people wait until the last possible second to shop for their friends and family. We know that you probably have a few people in your life who are difficult to shop for each year, especially if they have one or two niche interests. Today’s post features four gift ideas you can use to make shopping for these people as easy as possible. Be sure to order their personalized art soon for guaranteed Christmas delivery!

Four People Who Will Love Personalized Art

The Adventurer 

Our Outdoors Name Art Print is the perfect gift for that person in your life who aspires to live in a remote cabin away from civilization. They spend more time outdoors than they do inside, and they’re the first person you call when you need to borrow anything that has to do with camping, hiking, or fishing.

This piece features an alphabet comprised of mountains, caves, lakes, outdoor gear, and other imagery with which the recipient is surely familiar. Each letter can be customized according to their interests, and you can also choose a background tailored to their favorite form of adventuring.

Order this print and give them something to hang in their cabin once they’ve gone off the grid!

The Beer Lover 

As Coloradans, there’s almost nothing we love more than kicking back with a crisp brew after a long day, especially if it’s from one of the many craft breweries in our area!

The craft beer lover in your life probably has a variety of glasses from their favorite local spots, and they’ve probably been given shirts and hats in previous years as well. Instead of wrapping up a rare six-pack or opting for a gift card, why not give them something they can hang wherever they prefer to crack one open?

The Craft Beer & Brewer Name Art Print allows you to write their name out using tap handles, kegs, pint glasses, and other beer-related imagery they’re sure to love. You can also add a customized background featuring wheat, barley, hops, and of course, a cold beer.

They’ll want to take you out for a pint once they’ve opened the gift!

The Motorcycle Rider 

We’re willing to bet that the rider in your life is hard to shop for. They already have a lot of high-end gear from their favorite manufacturers, and anything they haven’t yet purchased is out of your price range. Gift cards don’t go far, and you don’t want to get them shirts or merch they’ll simply add to the ever-growing collection.

The Motorcycle Name Art Print features an alphabet created using stunning shots of Indian, Harley, and other big names in the industry. You can add a customized background featuring the open road, the iconic Twin-V engine, vintage motorcycle blueprints, and more.

Head over to the product page to see all of our customization options!

The Photographer 

The photographer in your life isn’t easy to shop for. Much like the motorcycle enthusiast, the equipment they want comes with a high price tag, and you’re probably not familiar with any of the other accessories they might need.

They also have a discriminating eye when it comes to art, and that’s why the Photography Name Art Print is such a great idea! It features eye-catching shots of different camera lenses and accessories, and you can add a beautiful background that reminds them of why they took up photography in the first place.

Trust us — they’ll have a photo of their new favorite gift on Instagram as soon as it’s on the wall!

Shop for Personalized Art Online

We hope that today’s post will help you find great gifts for those people in your life who either have it all or leave you stumped when you brainstorm gift ideas. We’ll be posting new content in the coming days and weeks, so check back frequently for more ideas if you found today’s post useful.

We also recommend checking out the rest of the Personal-Prints catalog for other personalized art that’s sure to be a hit with everyone on your list.

Customize and order yours as soon as possible to make sure your gifts are under the tree by Christmas!

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Beckie jo Mayo

July 07, 2022

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