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Beach House Scenes For Any Home

Images of the beach can instantly send the viewer into daydreaming of laying on a warm beach with a cool breeze hitting their face. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the waves crashing against the sand, the birds chirping in their air, and you can feel the sand in between your toes. The good news is that no matter what your decor is at your home or office, Personal Prints has beach house decor that will fit into any space. From elegant scenes with white chairs and a yellow beach umbrella to seascapes with bright blue skies, you can find a piece of art that will fit any challenging space on your walls.

Beach Lovers

Beach scene art

This beach scene can be a 9.5” x 26” on block mount, or 13.5” x 32.5” on framed canvas with either an espresso, natural, or white frame. The horizontal print has an intense cloudless sky, fading from a light blue into a dark sky blue. The smooth sand is pure and untouched, waiting for you to enter the scene and relax in the beach chairs. The water is the perfect clear green and blue color of the ocean; water that dolphins could be swimming in. There are two simple beach chairs, a red towel and to make the print pop, a bright orange umbrella. The complementary blue and orange with the calming color of the sand make this beach scene a love at first sight. Use this piece to fill the space in an entryway or above a door frame. A hard to fill space along a staircase would be a fantastic way to utilize a bright and relaxing piece of beach house art.

Sea Breeze

framed beach pictures

For a more subdued beach scene, this original watercolor painting by Scott Kennedy can warm up any room. With hints of orange in the sand, the beach umbrella and even in the shadows, you can almost feel the warmth from the sun. There are pleasant waves in the light blue water and some clouds in the sky, cooling off the scene. The beach scene is 18” x 23.5”, with mat board framing the painting. An inviting detail of this scene is footprints and a heart drawn in the sand, making this beach scene great for placing on a wall leading to the outdoors.

Pier Love

seascape prints

For your vertical art needs, Pier Love is either an 8” x 20.5 or 10” x 26.5” framed canvas. The texture of the pier gives the print a timeless feel; years from now, the pier will still be full of life and character. The turquoise water is swirling with the wind, but gentle enough to sail away in. A peaceful pelican is perched quietly on a post of the pier, waiting for you to sit and watch the clouds slide past. Place this beach house art where you can feel the wind in your home, in the kitchen by a window or a porch.

Whichever beach house print moves you, it will elegantly find a place in your home. The best feature of our coastal art is that each piece can be personalized with your name. Either carved in the wood at the pier, drawn in the sand, or written on a note, your name will always be written in history. To brighten or warm up a space with a beach scene can make any home feel like a beach house.

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