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Art That Represents Your Home State

Whether you live on the east coast, in the midwest, mountains, or on the west coast, your home state has a special place in your heart. Each state has their own character and personality that can be seen in the nature, the mountains, the cities, and the food. To show your pride for your state in your home, Personal-Prints has created state art that uses images from around the state to spell the word. The personalized art pieces also have a space below the images to add your family’s name or word of choice. A perfect custom art print to show both you love for your home state and your family. Here are a couple of our favorites.

Personalized art


The bright blues and greens in this state art represents the beauty and adventurous atmosphere of Florida. The personalized art begins with two starfish that create the ‘F’ and ends with an image of Disney World that creates the ‘A.’ The Florida culture is perfectly captured with an image of crocodile, a juicy orange, and a manatee. The images are brought together by the background that shows clear blue water and a boat in the distance. A great addition to any Florida home, add your personal touch to the piece by adding your family name to the bottom.


You can feel the cool breeze in Maine when looking at this Maine state art. Aged wood gives the piece texture and character as if you stumbled upon the wood on a walk along the beach and created this beautiful personalized art. The character of Maine is captured in the images that make up this custom art print. An image of a lobster makes the letter ‘M,’ a lighthouse is the letter ‘I,’ and a moose’s antler creates the letter ‘E.’ The greens in the background, the red of the lobster, and the blue in the sky make it easy to add this print into your collection.


The Grand Canyon sums up the southwest with the majestic feel and the deep reds and oranges. This makes up the background of the Arizona state art. To balance the deep reds, in the distance there are cool blue mountains and a gray/blue sky to adds to the grandness of the scene. To get the full character of Arizona, an image of a mountain creates the letter ‘A,’ the ‘R’ is created by looking up from deep inside a cavern, and a cactus creates the letter ‘I.’ You can feel both the heat from the mountains and the cool air from the cavern when viewing this custom print. Whether you choose the canvas wall art of a wooden frame, get the best parts of Arizona with this state art.


Go high up in the mountains, get wet in the ocean, or see a Hollywood star in this California state art design. The California state flag is subtly used as the background of the image, a red line at the bottom of the piece, a red star at the top center, and a bear in the top right, all on top of a white/gray wooden texture. If you love surfing, hiking, or spending time in the city, you can get it all with this design. The beauty of the Golden Gate Bridge makes the ‘L,’ the ‘O’ is an image of the Hollywood sign, and a towering palm tree makes the last ‘I’ in California. Finish the art piece off with your family’s name, the word ‘Home,’ or a phrase only your family uses at the bottom of the design.

No matter where you live, you can get the best parts of your home state with these personalized art designs. To find your home state,shop here. Or find more custom name art that will fit perfectly into your home’s style and decor. The artists at Personal-Prints wants you to decorate your home with things you love. Find pieces unique pieces and make them your own with personalized art.

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Julie Boruff

Julie Boruff

July 07, 2022

I love your name wall art. I was raised on a dry land wheat farm in Washington state and wondered if you do one about farming?

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