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Decorating Your Man Cave

Office, garage, man cave, shop, or whatever you call your hobby or work space, it’s still a space that needs some attention and decor love. There are men out there who have a knack for color and style, but others tend to be clueless when it comes to decorating a space. The good news is that there is help out there. With inspirational sites like Pinterest and the personalized art from Personal-Prints®, you can be confident that you will have a space that exudes manliness even with decorative art on the walls. At Personal-Prints®, we have a unique collection of men’s wall decor that may make it hard to decide which piece to choose for your man cave.


A man’s office isn’t complete without some sports memorabilia or sports prints. Whether you love golf, fishing, baseball, or hockey, there is something for you that will satisfy your inner sportsman.

Golf Name Print

You can’t go wrong with this golf name print that includes different images from the golf course that spell out a name or a word. The head of a putter creates the letter J, or a golf ball sitting on a tee is used as the letter O. Choose a word or use your last name and design a piece of work that is personalized. A simple image of green grass as the background and the images highlighted on top so they appear as if they are hovering will give a sophistication to your space.


If you love hunting but don’t want to go as far as displaying a deer’s head in your man cave, choose from a variety of options of art for men who’s passion is hunting.

Deer Silhouette

Keep it simple yet rugged with this whitetail deer silhouette. With just enough texture on the print to add a roughness to the space, but still keeping it cool with a white silhouette of a buck’s antlers. The image is laminated and mounted on a half inch thick wooden block, giving your man cave a strong and substantial feel.

Antler Letters Name Print

Combine your passion for hunting and art with this name print using photographs of antlers to spell out a word. The balance of a sepia toned image of aspen trees in the background and black and white photographs of antlers will add a hint of mystery and romance to your space.


If sports aren’t your passion, the steel beauty of guns might be up your alley.

Firearm Guns Name Art

The intricate curves and delicate lines found on guns combined with the hard shine of the metal will surely add an edge to your man cave. The vintage style close-up of the American flag with the words “We The People” subtly placed and images of guns used to spell out your name or a word of your choice provides several layers in this gun art on canvas.

When you want to decorate your man cave, it doesn’t need to be over decorated with team jerseys, deer busts, and muskets. Instead, keep it simple and manly with men’s wall decor, gun letter art, and sports prints. Our personalized art can be designed by you and is made with quality materials, 100 percent in the USA. Shop our collection of art for men to add some ruggedness to your man cave.

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Diane Wolf

Diane Wolf

July 07, 2022

Do you do a barber theme? My Son has a Barbershop and I would like to have one made for him.

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