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Graduation Gift Guide

It’s graduation season!

Think about all the effort it’s taken to get to this moment.

For a high school graduation, it’s been all of the early morning car rides to school; the packed lunches; the reminders to do homework; the parent-teacher conferences and everything between.

For college, it’s been the countless trips to Bed, Bath, and Beyond finding the just-right storage configuration; the Parent’s Weekend visits; the tuition statements; the watching-your-child-mature-into-an-adult. It’s been a lot.

So, how do you find an appropriate gift to celebrate this important of an occasion? You want to be sentimental and practical, original and traditional. After all, there are only so many copies of Oh, The Places You’ll Go! that a graduate can receive.

Enter: personalized art.

Why Give Personalized Art for Graduation?

Personalized art is one of the best gifts for graduation because it combines thoughtfulness with practicality. When you personalize art, either with a name or custom photograph, you infuse it with a sentimentality that generic prints just can’t replicate.

Chances are your graduate is moving into a new dorm room or their first adult home. They’ll need art to hang on the walls and probably wouldn’t splurge themselves on this purchase. So, personalized art also checks the “practical” box for a gift.

Types of Personalized Art to Gift

At Personal-Prints, we uniquely personalize our art so that no two canvases are ever alike. For graduates, we recommend these categories of personalized art as you browse our extensive selection.

Personalized Name Art

It’s really hard to go wrong with name art. Especially if you’re not sure if a young adult’s interests might change throughout college or their foray into the real world, sticking to their name is safe bet.

Our custom canvas prints spell out the name you desire and include theme-related images to spell out the letters. For a crafty graduate, consider the Craft and Scrapbooking letter name. For the winter sports enthusiast, browse the snowboardor skiingname art print. No matter the personality, the collection features pieces appropriate for a graduate.

Your Photo Art

There’s nothing like getting your favorite family photos re-imagined into professional prints. You can send us copies of personal photos, and we can make them into a contemporary block mount print.

Keep in mind that you’re shopping for a graduate, so they might not want to proudly display a picture of themselves as a toddler on their dorm room wall. Consider choosing family pictures instead, or at least a group photo!

Pet Art

Our pet art collection is incredibly popular, as everyone misses the family pet once they move away from home. We feature simple line drawings of different dog breeds with your dog’s name underneath. This makes the print personalized yet tasteful — and appropriate for any space!


To give a gift that a graduate in your life will cherish (and actually use!), shop Personalized-Prints. Our family-run business customizes all prints to order and ships them right to your door.

Order online today from Personal-Prints!

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