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Reasons to Get Your Dad Art for Father’s Day

Every year in the beginning of June, individuals everywhere go through the same crisis: what can I get for Father’s Day besides golf balls? Whether your dad fits in to the golfing stereotype or not, chances are it is still really hard to find a unique, appropriate gift year after year. There are only so many ties and “World’s Greatest Dad!” mugs you can give before they become repetitive and less meaningful.

The thing about traditional Father’s Day gifts is that they rarely capture your Dad’s unique personality. You want something that will fit him instead of something that will just fit. This is where art comes into play. We know “art” and “Father’s Day” aren’t exactly synonymous, but we want to provide the reasons that personalized art is actually a wonderful Father’s Day gift idea.

Personalized Art as Unique as Your Dad

Custom Sports Art

If your dad is the golfing type, you’ve already bought him tees, balls, club covers, gloves, etc., but have you ever given him personalized art that spells out your last name in golf pictures? Or a special Father’s Day golf-themed print with an option for a personalized quote? With custom sports art, you can still stay true to your Dad’s hobbies without repeating the same gifts every year.

In addition to personalized golf art, Personal-Prints carries a whole line of sports art, including fishing, hunting, skiing, football, and just about any sport your dad might be interested in. Explore our selection!

U.S. States Art

Of course, being a Dad doesn’t automatically mean you enjoy golf and fishing. The best part of personalized art is that you can customize it toward your Dad’s unique interests. Maybe your Dad has a lot of pride for his home state — you can get him personalized art that has photographed state-specific images that spell out the state’s name! Check our our collectiontoday!

Patent Art

Our patent art collection is another great option for dads, as items here a simpler and more antique feel to them. If your dad is an avid firearm collector or hunter, we have a personalized art based on actual historical firearm patents. With a wood grain finish, these pieces are truly perfect for a dad who loves guns.

Personal-Prints also features Harley Davidson, Star Wars, musical instruments, and profession-related patent art. Browse the whole collection to pick out the perfect piece for Father’s Day!

Give Your Dad a Unique Gift for Father's Day

Do Something Different This Year with Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints is a family-owned, all-American business that has become the Top Rated Local® Personalized Art shop for a reason. Each print we make is a one-of-a-kind piece of personalized art, and our Personal-Prints reviews from customers speak to the quality of our work.

For Father’s Day and any day, you can order prints online and we guarantee shipment from our business in Colorado within two-to-three business days of your order submission. Give it another two-to-five business days for the product to be delivered, and you can have the perfect Father’s Day gift ready to open by Sunday, June 17.

For the fathers in your life who support you every day and tell the best Dad Jokes, personalized art is a gift that shows you love them. Shop Personal-Prints today for Father’s Day gifts!

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