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One-Of-A-Kind Valentine’s Day Gifts

Whether you’ve been dating someone for a few months or married to them for more than 20 years, there’s usually at least one thing in common: February 14th is an important day.

While red roses, chocolates, and cards might be classic Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s time to surprise your sweetheart with something more thoughtful, unique, and lasting. This year, it’s time to give the gift of personalized art.

5 Prints For Valentine’s Day

At Personal-Prints, just about any of our personalized canvases would be great for the occasion; but, we also have a few romantic prints made just for the occasion.

Check out this featured personalized art, and be sure to order online today!

Street Scene and Street Scene 2

If you’re looking for a classic, old-school romance vibe, we highly recommend Street Scene. Pops of red light up this black-and-white street scene, transporting you to midnight in Paris. This personalized art also features a couple dressed to the nines embracing under an umbrella. It’s a tasteful homage to your favorite nights out on the town.

We also personalize this classic scene with two names of your choice scrawled onto the brick wall. There’s no better way to show your partner you care than giving the gift of personalized art.

For a bit more color, take a look at Street Scene 2. This canvas is similar to Street Scene, but red hues comprise the street scene as opposed to black and white. A bicycle also sits propped against the wall, where you can see your name and your partner’s etched onto the brick.

Drinks For Two

For those couples who consider themselves amateur sommeliers or enjoy sharing a bottle of wine, Drinks For Twois an excellent option.

This personalized print showcases two glasses of red wine — the best part is that the wine bottle is uniquely personalized with the names and vintage date of your choice. Commemorate a wedding anniversary or this year’s Valentine’s Day for a special, personalized touch.

Getting a bottle of wine for Valentine’s Day dinner might be a nice gesture, but it’ll be gone in a flash. Personalized art, on the other hand, will last long after the final sips are poured.

The Definition Of Love

Simple yet romantic, The Definition Of Love is exactly what its title suggests it should be. This canvas includes “love” in brilliant red, and it also features a dictionary definition of love as a noun and verb. Uniquely personalized with your names and a date of your choice as the fourth definition, this print is clever and one-of-a-kind.

Whether you love doing crossword puzzles together or you’ve married a bibliophile, The Definition Of Love is a great Valentine’s Day gift for the couple that isn’t overly sappy.

Love Letters

Love Letters is one of our favorites at Personal-Prints, and it’s a wonderful option for Valentine’s Day. In this personalized art, we spell out “l-o-v-e” using romantic images such as flowers, holding hands, piano keys, and picture frames.

It’s a simple yet detailed way to show your loved one that you care about them and your relationship. We include two names of your choice in an easy-to-read cursive and a date of your choice. Order online today for a gift that is sure to elicit a few happy tears or “I love yous.”

Get The Personalized Art That People Love

Evening In Paradise

Did you and your partner travel to paradise on your honeymoon? Did you have a picture-perfect engagement on the beaches of Hawaii? If the beach is your happy place, Evening In Paradise captures the romance of the tropics perfectly.

A bonfire bristles on a beach at night, lighting up the gentle waves and islands in the distance. A full moon also lights up the scene, making sure two personalized names of your choice are visible in the sand. Surrounded by a heart and scrawled into the sand, your names shine in this personalized art.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Personal-Prints

This year for Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for tired tradition. Instead, give a gift that’ll last long after the roses begin to wilt, the chocolates have been eaten, and the wine has been poured.

Order one of these featured prints, or browse our entire Valentine’s Day personalized art collection today at Personal-Prints!

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