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Personalized Art For The Passport-Stamping Home

If you’re the type of person who starts planning your next trip on the way back from your current vacation, we have personalized art that was made for you.

Whether your bucket list is to visit every continent (good luck with Antarctica!) or to see all 50 U.S. states, there’s nothing like personalized travel art to reflect your passion for travel.

We’ve compiled this list of featured personal art for the jetsetters, so be sure to take a look and order online today before your next trip!

USA Travel Map

USA Travel Mapis an interactive way to keep track of your United States travel. If it’s always been your goal to visit all 50 U.S. states, this personalized art is just what you need. USA Travel Map features a beautifully illustrated map of the U.S., with scenes of bald eagles, evergreen forests, and dolphins jumping from sea to shining sea.

The best part about this personalized art is that it comes with a set of color-coded pins. This way, you can record the places you’ve visited, the places you still want to go, and the place you call home. In addition to being able to interact with the map, you can also uniquely personalize it with a name of your choice.

Order USA Travel Map online today and showcase the story of your travels.


Does your ideal date involve packing up the car on a moment’s notice, driving to the woods, and setting up camp? If you’re a capricious traveler, Wanderercaptures this nomadic spirit of adventure that you appreciate.

The classic quote, “Not all those who wander are lost,” is brought to life in dark greens, arrows, deer antlers, and red dirt. It’s simple yet still a perfect homage to life’s best adventures. Uniquely personalized with two names of your choice, Wanderer also makes the perfect gift for your adventure-loving partner.

The Ocean Is Calling

If the shore is your happy place, you have to check out The Ocean Is Calling. This personalized art captures everything you love about the beach: soft sand, clear blue water, and sunshine. In addition to a picturesque beach scene, “The ocean is calling and we must go” quote comprises the foreground of this image. With anchors and whales, this print truly captures the images of the shore.

We also uniquely personalize this print with two names and a date of your choice. If you and your partner travel to sandy shores any chance you can get, this is the personalized art for you.

Tuscan Welcome

Re-live your favorite European vacation with Tuscan Welcome. As the name suggests, this personalized art transports you to an Italian doorstep, flush with flowers, weaving vines, and even a cat sleeping on the stoop.

Whether you honeymooned in Italy or have a visit to the Italian countryside as number one on your bucket list, Tuscan Welcome is a beautiful tribute to Italy.

Get the Personalized Art that People Love

Cathedral Architecture Letter Name Print

From the hallowed steps of Notre Dame in Paris to the awe-inspiring staves of La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona, cathedrals are a focal point of any European vacation.

While you can’t take the stained glass of St. Paul’s back from London, you can still at least capture the spirit of Europe’s great cathedrals with Cathedral Architecture Letter Name Art.

Watch a name of your choice come to life in steeples, columns, stained glass, and gargoyles.

Order Online From Personal-Prints

When you’re not adventuring across the globe, personalized art can showcase your love of travel and the images that make exploration so special.

Order uniquely personalized travel art online today from Personal-Prints!

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