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Reasons to Frame Canvas Art

One of the unique characteristics of canvas art is that you don’t necessarily need to frame it.

Framing canvas, however, makes sense when you want to protect the piece of art, ensure it meshes with surrounding artwork, or highlight it as the focal piece of a room.

Personal-Prints specializes in producing completely unique personalized art on canvas. Throughout the years, we have fielded many questions about the appropriate framing techniques for canvas art and personalized art in general.

We wanted to offer information about the framing process, so you know exactly how to protect your cherished canvas art as you feature it proudly.

Here are the reasons why we recommend framing canvas art in your home.

Protecting Personalized Art from Light

You know those signs at the Louvre Museum or National Portrait Gallery that read, “No flash photography permitted”? These signs don’t just exist because museums are needlessly strict — flashes of light can severely damage art.

Just like posters, oil paintings, sketches, photographs, and virtually every other type of art, canvas prints need some sort of protective later. Far from providing an aesthetic advantage, glass in picture frames really exists to protect the art from harmful UV light, scratches, dust, and scuff marks.

Some canvas is manufactured with a protective layer, and this is the only situation in which we’d recommend leaving out the glass frame.

Framing Makes Personalized Art Look Consistent

If you already have framed artwork hanging on the wall, having a piece without a frame might create a weird aesthetic. The piece would stand out, but not necessarily in a good way.

When you frame your canvas art, you ensure it fits with your surrounding environment in addition to protecting it.

Framing Can Highlight Personalized Art

Just as framing can help personalized art blend with other art fixtures, it can also enable it to stand out. Depending on the design of your room and wall, a solid black or white frame could be enough of a pop. Otherwise, you could consider a brighter color to train the eye on this particular piece of art.

No matter what, you want your picture framed so it stands out for the right reasons, and not because it looks odd as the only unframed picture.

The Personal-Prints Framing Technique

Because of the importance of framing artwork, Personal-Prints offers an option to purchase your print framed and ready-to-hang. If you want to frame your print on your own, we also ship unframed prints.

We do all of our framing in-house using acid-free materials that guard against UV light and other environmental factors. Additionally, we coat each print with a protective varnish; so, you don’t need to add the glass layer.

When you order from Personal-Prints, our framing process takes care of any worries you would otherwise have about protecting your canvas.

Shop our extensive selection of personalized canvas art online today, and order a pre-framed canvas from Personal-Prints!

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