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Reasons to Give Personalized Art for a Housewarming

For occasions like a wedding, bridal shower, or baby shower, gift giving etiquette is pretty clear. You get a gift, usually from a registry the person put together, and you bring it to the occasion. Could you imagine showing up to a baby shower without a cute little onesie or stuffed animal for the expecting parent?

When it comes to housewarming events, however, the gift-giving waters become a bit muddy. After all, how many housewarming parties have you attended that had a gift registry created for the event? Our guess is zero, as it’s just not customary to go through this effort for a housewarming.

This lack of registry can be difficult as you attend housewarmings, as you have no sense of what the person likes or is expecting.

Do you get a generic gift card that’s boring but you know they’ll use?

Do you risk getting a kitchen item that might clash with or be a duplicate — or quadriplicate — of what they already have?

Or, do you suffer from analysis paralysis to the point of picking up a not-as-cheap-as-you’d-normally-get bottle of wine for the host?

We have a solution: personalized art.

Reasons to Give Personalized Art for a Housewarming

Art is a classic gift for a housewarming, as the point of the whole event is to welcome you into a new home.

The problem with giving art is that you don’t necessarily know the decoration scheme of the home, or the type of art they already have. When you play it safe and get generic art, you get exactly that — generic art.

Personalized Art is Unique

Personalized art, on the other hand, allows you to give a totally unique piece of art that your host would never get for themselves. That’s the whole point of a gift, after all.

Personal-Prints creates totally original, canvas art customized to meet your explicit needs. If your housewarming party is for a newlywed couple, you can feature their last name on any piece. If your lifelong friends just downsized and retreated to the countryside, you can get them a more rusticdesign.

Customized art means you don’t have to try and fit a square peg into a round hole — instead, you can get the exact style, size, and text personalization that you want.

To explore personalized art appropriate for a housewarming, check out our Personal-Prints housewarming collection!

Personalized Art is Thoughtful

Giving a housewarming gift is thoughtful in the first-place, but we all know the difference between a stock gift and a truly authentic one. No matter how expensive a bottle of wine or how practical a cheese plate, these gifts tend toward trite.

Personalized art is incredibly thoughtful by nature. You have to keep your host in mind as you select which canvas background, message, size, and style fits the person.

Personalized Art is Affordable

Price range is one of the frequently asked questions regarding housewarming gifts. This range of course depends on your personal budget and your relationship to the host, but anywhere between $30 and $75 is appropriate for housewarming.

Personalized art falls right into this range, hovering around $50 per custom canvas. Fifty dollars is the “Goldilocks” price for a housewarming gift, as it shows that you care but that you didn’t go needlessly overboard and spend too much money.

For affordable, high-quality canvas art, explore the housewarmingcollection from Personal-Prints.


We are a family-owned part publishing company founded in 1998. In the last twenty years, we have expanded our collection from a single personalized print to a collection of more than 100 options.

For your next occasion, give the unique gift of personalized art.

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