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The Importance of Art and Finding Your Own

Left brain, right brain, math and science, or art and music, whatever you lean towards, art is an essential part of everyone’s lives. We all may go through our days and work, eat, sleep, and never take the time to look at the details that makes life so interesting and beautiful. Even from where you are now, look around and you may see something that you haven’t noticed before. Look up at the sky and find shapes in the clouds, look at the color in the trees, listen to the sounds of the street, this might not be your typical “art,” but it gives your moment or day a change of pace from the monotony. At Personal-Prints, we strive to make art that is accessible for everyone. We create pieces that people can relate to, see themselves in, and open up a world that is full of color, texture, and meaning. Our personalized art allows the owner to literally put themselves and their personality into the piece with their initials, name, word of choice, or a special date.

Why is Art Important?

Personalized ArtArt is More Than Paintings

Have you ever listened to a song in your car with the windows rolled down, the sun is shining, and the volume cranked up? Have you realized at that moment that you’re happy? Or were you lost in a moment of nostalgia? Music is a type of art that can be overlooked but is equally as important and powerful. Whether listening to it in your home, playing an instrument, or going to a concert, these moments can take you places and give you memories that will last forever. These moments are shared with friends, family, and neighbors and instill and enhance lasting relationships.

Personalized ArtArt is For Everyone

Those of us with a dominant left brain, who fall in love with mathematics and science, may not walk through a museum or see a painting in a home the same way as right brained people. But with the right piece of art, a painting or a photograph, capturing just the right tender moment, even left brained folks can appreciate the beauty that makes us stop and stare. It doesn’t necessarily need to be an emotional experience, but an expression in a photograph or the way a woman’s head is tilted in a painting, can bring back memories or help us remember hopes and dreams we had for the future. With personalized art, art really can be for everyone.


Personalized Art

It Doesn’t Need Language

When you view a piece of art, listen to a symphony, or watch a ballet, if you love it, you don’t need to know why or try to explain it. It moves you in some unknown way that can only be understood by you. Art from other cultures might have a description in another language, but if you can still look at it and understand the point, that’s all you need. If you relate in some way to the artist, to the image or person in a piece, or relate to the sentiment it’s conveying, that’s all you need.

Getting Art Into Your Life

When exploring art, it’s important to keep a wide open mind. Don’t just crack it open a little bit so that not everything can pour in. Let in music, (banging on pots and pans, whistling, birds singing, an out of tune guitar) let in art (finger painting, scribbling, writing, dancing, dabbling with a piano or keyboard), design and create your own personalized art and see what can come out of it.

canvas prints with wordsBe Aware

Bringing art into your life starts with keeping your eyes open for the beauty and art is all around you. Put on some instrumental music that you wouldn’t normally listen to, read a book on local artists, talk about the art that you’ve seen with a friend, make a point to go to a museum and spend an hour or two, if you make an effort to approach art in unique ways, it will become more approachable.

custom art printsRevisit Hobbies and Interests

For adults who haven’t spent time being artistic since a young age, it can be challenging to find methods that are comfortable and make it enjoyable. Think back on sixth-grade art class and if you remember certain projects, try to recreate them. It can be drawing, writing, painting, or even singing. You may be surprised at how easy it can come back and how beautiful it can become when bringing all of your experiences to the table.

Cook, Garden, Build

Wherever you find inspiration to be artistic, continue exploring those areas. The wonder of starting a garden, watching the produce grow, and being able to cook for yourself or your family with things that you grew can be art in itself. If you’ve always loved photography, take pictures of your progress along the way.

Get Your Hands Dirty

There have been numerous studies showing the benefits of hands-on experiences like gardening and painting. Don’t let paint brushes and an empty canvas scare you away. With each stroke, pour, or a splash of paint, your canvas won't be as empty and will be less intimidating. Remember, keep an open mind!

One of Personal-Prints’ priorities is to bring art into everyone’s life, in one way or another. Through our personalized art andoriginal works from our artists, you can cultivate a personal experience with your art. It doesn’t matter if left or right brained if you're a doctor, teacher, or plumber, art should be enjoyable and meaningful for everyone. You just need to find art in your own way!

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