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Personalized Art Makes Great Wedding Gifts


We’re in the middle of the summer, which means it’s prime wedding season. If you’ve been invited to countless wedding events, or if you’re saying “I do” this summer, Personal-Prints wants to give you the gift of beautiful, romantic artwork that represents the momentous occasion and can help celebrate the love of the newly married couple. Shop our collection of wall decor prints that are perfect for couples who are joining each other’s lives. Put your favorites on your wedding registry, or give a unique gift to the happy couple that will surely be a pleasant surprise. Here is just a sample of what you can expect to find at Personal-Prints.

Drinks For Two

Wine is a staple at any wedding and this print will also make a great addition to any new home. The simple design has beautiful details that make the image personal and special: two wine glasses that have just a sip remaining, sitting next to an empty bottle. What you’ll see, instead of empty containers, are memories that you made throughout the big day. To personalize the print, add the names of the happy couple to the label on the wine bottle and a date. This print is perfect for the kitchen, or wherever you choose to relax and make memories in your home.

Twelve Sunflowers

A great gift for a new couple, you can add your own heartfelt message to the masterpiece “Vase With Twelve Sunflowers” by Vincent Van Gogh. The bright yellow background with darker yellows and a touch of red in the flowers themselves, the married couple will love showing off their own Van Gogh in their new home. By personalizing the print with names, a date, or a message, you can create a piece of art that will have lasting memories.


Cooking and art enthusiasts will love this simple, bright, and fun romantic art print. Using photographs of kitchen utensils and food to spell out the word “EAT,” any kitchen will be transformed into a welcoming and tasty space. The letter E is created with three spoons with different colored spices in them, A piece of pie makes the letter A, and images of bright red peppers make up the letter T. Personalize the piece by adding your name, Ashley’s Kitchen, for example. Beneath is the phrase “Where cooking is love made visible.” The minimal, white background makes this decor easy to fit into any home’s style.

Kiss Line Drawing

This delicate line drawing print has only a few lines, but a powerful meaning. The simple lines create a man and woman close together in an embrace with a beautiful red heart in the center. Another few lines create a flower in the woman’s hair. The all white background gives the impression of a white wedding dress surrounding the couple. Add the final details with the couple’s names and the special date to create a design that will fill your heart with tender love. It’s amazing how simple a design can emit such a feeling of love.


Another simple design that represents a quiet and tender moment for the happy couple. After an afternoon of ceremonies and celebrations, the bride takes a moment to sit on the edge of a balcony with her groom behind her, holding a red rose. The large moon and dark blue sky behind them gives the scene an even more romantic feeling. Including beautiful colors and an affectionate mood, with this print, the happy couple can remember a moment when they snuck away to have a quiet moment together the evening of their wedding.

Letter Art

With a variety of letter art designs, a couple who chooses a single last name can create a piece of art using photographs of letters. Themes includeCoastal Beach,Wine,Coffee,Hunting, and more. The new couple’s name can be spelled out using pictures from nature, with coffee beans, wine glasses, or images found at a beach. These designs can truly be personalized by picking the image of each letter. What better way to celebrate a couple who are at the beginning of their lives together?

If you’re making your own wedding registry or if you’re looking for a unique wedding gift for a couple, Personal-Prints has a wide selection of beautiful designs and decor prints. From loving, romantic artwork to bright and colorful letter art, each piece is inspired by the love and many tender moments that a couple has together. Find your favorite today.

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