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Tips To Decorate Your Cabin or Lodge

There’s nothing like spending time away from reality at your own cabin or lodge. 

Whether it’s nestled in the snowy foothills of a ski area or sits alongside a lake, there’s just something special about having your own retreat.

Because cabins and lodges are usually second homes, they tend to suffer from the hand-me-down syndrome that youngest children face. They either get all of your old furniture or they’re decorated from second-hand stores.

Even if you want thrifty to be the name of the game with your second home, you still want it to feel like a home.

Consider these four tips for transforming your cabin into the perfect getaway.

1. Get Rid of the Clutter

We tend to fill cabins with the clutter of our regular homes. If something is outdated for your own home, you send it to the cabin. If you have games and entertainment that you never use, you send it to the cabin. Same with old bedding and kitchen supplies.

While you certainly want to make use of what you have, filling your stockpile to the brim tends to make it a frenetic space. Instead, get rid of the stuff you don’t absolutely love or need. Make it a yard sale or donate it to a local store if you want to minimize the waste.

2. Create a Focal Point

As with any home, creating a focal point can really transform a space. It can make a small home feel bigger, a cluttered home feel more spacious, and a dark home feel lighter.

If you have a fireplace, this is a natural focal point for your cabin or lodge. Hang a piece of artwork or a pair of antlers over the mantle, and you’ve already spruced up your room.

3. Add Lighting

If there’s any fixture to invest in, it’s lighting. Cabins can tend to be darker by nature thanks to their wooden aesthetic. You can maximize natural light by choosing adjustable blinds, or you can commit to accent lighting and ceiling fixtures as if natural light isn’t as viable.

4. Choose Art That Has Dimension

One of the most clever tips for brightening a cabin and making it seem more spacious involves the artwork you choose. Instead of choosing art that focuses on the foreground only (say, a portrait), you want to choose a landscape print with a foreground, middle ground, and background.

Personal-Prints has an entire collection of personalized art with landscapes. For a natural scene, we recommend Mountain Meadow, as it features more than 30 animals in a dense, woodland forest. Whitetail Morning includes similar dimension with stunning fall foliage in the background and two deer in the foreground.

About Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints creates uniquely personalized art for all occasions. We have an entire collection dedicated to cabin and lodge living, so be sure to check out this personalized art as you decorate your home!

Choose from wildlife scenes depicting wolves, elk, bears, and whitetails, or opt instead for your favorite fall foliage landscapes.

No matter what your taste, we have the personalized art for you and your cabin.

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