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Top 9 Unique Gifts for Outdoorsy People

Gift-giving is an art, and it's especially delightful when the present you choose echoes the receiver's passions and spirit. For those outdoor enthusiasts in your life who are drawn to the wilderness, a thoughtful gift can stir the heart and inspire even more epic adventures.

Here, we've curated a list of nine unique outdoor gift ideas tailored for the outdoorsy souls in your life. These not only express your understanding of their wild-at-heart nature but also stake a claim as a cherished keepsake from their beloved world of outdoor escapades.

Considerations For Choosing a Gift

When choosing a gift for someone who loves the outdoors, consider their interests and hobbies. What outdoor activities do they like? Do they enjoy hunting, camping, fishing, or stargazing? Are they passionate about conservation or wildlife? These insights can help guide your decision to find the perfect gift that speaks to their personal connection with nature.

Additionally, personalized gifts add an extra special touch and make the recipient feel truly seen and appreciated. Consider adding a personalized message, name, or location to make the gift even more meaningful.

quirky wall art message

1. Quirky Wall Art With A Message

This fun sign features your personalized names as a part of the art below the quote:"We'd rather be lost in the woods than found in the city". Fun prints like this make for a perfect addition to any cabin or outdoor-themed room and are sure to be a conversation starter.

2. Starry Skied Prints 

The "Camping Outdoors" Letters Name Print is an ode to the art of the woodland camp. Its charm lies in the campfire evenings it conjures up—stories shared, marshmallows toasted, and the night brimming with stars.

Personalized with their name, it marks a significant adventure in their outdoor odyssey. It evokes the simplicity and joy of camping under the vast open sky and is a wonderful reminder that some of life's best moments are experienced beneath the canopy of nature's grand cathedral.

3. Antler Themed Art

Is your gift receiver a father who is a hunting enthusiast, a conservationist, or simply a lover of the great outdoors? The "Father Antler Theme" print is the ideal token of appreciation for a woodsman father. It embodies his strength and wisdom, the qualities of a protector, and the bravery known to fathers and woodsmen alike.

With the "Father" spelled out with antlers and the ability to leave a personalized message, this print becomes deeply personal while still speaking to his role in the family. It's a unique symbol of his unique position that merges paternal pride with the beauty of nature.

4. Family Friendly Outdoor Art

The home represents both security and love—concepts central to the perfect camping experience. The "Home is Where You Set Up Camp" sign encapsulates this duality, making it a splendid gift. It's more than a mere decorative piece; it's a statement of belonging and comfort.

Personalize the home name on the sign, or perhaps a family motto, to further underscore the bond between nature and the hearth. The sign can be hung with pride in the entryway, a symbol that adventure carries over into every facet of one's life, near or far from home.

a homemade star gazing kit as a gift for those who love the outdoors

5. A Homemade Star-Gazing Kit

Stargazing holds its own magic and sense of adventure. And for the stargazer in your life, there's hardly a more perfect gift than a thoughtfully curated star-gazing kit.

Include a premium telescope, a guide to constellations, and a cozy, personalized blanket for those nights spent under an infinite sky. This kit is not just about the gear; it's about creating an experience that will be remembered — and talked about — for years to come.

Other pieces to include in the ultimate star-gazing kit:

  • Red light headlamp for preserving night vision
  • A star chart or guidebook
  • Portable campfire and s'mores kit
  • Personalized flask for a warm beverage while stargazing

6. Handmade Wooden Cutting Board

A unique, handmade wooden cutting board is not only practical but also serves as a beautiful reminder of the natural world. Each piece of wood has its own distinct grain and character, making it truly one-of-a-kind.

For someone who loves to cook and spend time in the outdoors, this gift is both functional and sentimental. 

7. Custom Map Print

For the avid traveler and outdoor enthusiast, a custom USA travel map print is a thoughtful and unique gift. This personalized map can feature all the places they've visited or their dream destinations, serving as a reminder of their love for adventure and exploration.

Add in an elegant frame to make it a beautiful piece of wall decor that also holds sentimental value.

8. Thoughtful Art For Two

For those who feel a deep connection with nature and its creatures, the "Wolves Names in Heart" Personalized Print is a beautiful and meaningful gift. This print features a stunning image of wolves, with names carved into a nearby tree

Not only does it showcase their appreciation for the great outdoors, but it also symbolizes the importance of family and loved ones in their life. It's a heartfelt gift that will be cherished for years to come.

odes to nature prints as a gift for those who love the outdoors

9. Odes To Nature

For a statement piece that truly captures the beauty of the great outdoors, consider gifting the "Through The Pines" Triptych Canvas. This artwork features a stunning landscape of towering pine trees, divided into three panels for a bold and impactful display. 

Not only does it add an element of nature to any space, but it also serves as a reminder of the peace and tranquility found in the great outdoors.

Gift Giving Do's and Don'ts

While there's no wrong way to show appreciation for someone's love of the outdoors, here are a few do's and don’ts to keep in mind to ensure the best gift:

  • Do consider the recipient's interests and hobbies when choosing a gift related to the outdoors.
  • Don't give a generic or mass-produced gift that lacks personalization and thoughtfulness, such as a gift certificate.
  • Do incorporate elements of nature, such as wildlife or landscapes, into the gift for an authentic connection to the outdoors.
  • Don't choose a gift that may not be suitable for their level of outdoor experience or skill.
  • Do opt for high-quality, durable gifts that will last and be cherished for years to come.
  • Don't choose a gift solely based on price; instead, focus on finding something meaningful and thoughtful within your budget.

By following these do's and don'ts, you can ensure that the gift you give to your loved one who loves the outdoors will be both appreciated and cherished for its sentimentality and connection to nature.

Additional Gift Ideas For Outdoorsy People

To add even more options to your gift-giving arsenal, consider these additional outdoorsy gift ideas for the outdoorsy person in your life:

  • Personalized camping or outdoor gear, such as a tent, sleeping bag, first aid kit, or backpack
  • A nature-inspired jewelry piece, such as a necklace or bracelet with a mountain or tree design
  • Outdoor photography prints to decorate their home with stunning images of nature
  • A subscription to a monthly outdoor adventure box filled with gear and tools for exploring the great outdoors
  • A handmade bird feeder or house for attracting wildlife to their backyard
  • A plant or herb growing kit for an outdoor enthusiast with a green thumb
faq gifts for people who love the outdoors


Q: What is a good gift for someone who loves camping?

A: A personalized camping gear item, like a tent or sleeping bag, would be a great gift. Other options include portable campfire and s'mores kits, outdoor cooking tools, or a subscription to a monthly adventure box.

Q: How can I make my gift more personalized for an outdoorsy person?

A: Consider adding a personal touch, such as a name or special location, to the gift. You can also choose something that aligns with their specific interests and hobbies in the outdoors, such as these personalized hunting and fishing prints.

Q: What's an affordable gift option for someone who loves the outdoors?

A: A nature-inspired jewelry piece or outdoor photography print can be an affordable yet meaningful gift for someone who loves the outdoors. You can also consider homemade or DIY gifts, such as a bird feeder or plant-growing kit.

All in All…

Choosing a gift for the outdoorsy types can be an adventure in itself, an opportunity to pick an item as unique and awe-inspiring as the landscapes they love. The gifts listed above are more than just tokens of appreciation; they're invitations to relish the outdoors and treasure personal connections to our earth's beauty.

Show your loved ones how much you cherish their wild spirit by selecting a personalized item that echoes their love for nature and the great unknown. In giving these unique gifts, you're not just giving a present—you're sharing in a piece of their outdoor soul.

Looking for more gift-giving inspiration and ideas? Be sure to check out on blog filled with everything you need to know about the art of gift-giving. Check it out here!

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