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Where's Your Mom's Favorite Place to Go?

Where’s your mom’s favorite place in the world? Maybe it’s somewhere across the country, or perhaps she’s lucky enough that it’s only a short drive away.

These days, it’s obviously not easy or advisable to go anywhere due to the outbreak of COVID-19. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t give your mom a reminder of her favorite place. We aren’t sure what the next few months will bring, but today’s post features a few personalized name print ideas you can give to your mom on Mother’s Day or just because.

We’re offering 19% off if you use the code “CABINFEVER” and purchase more than $100. Now is the perfect time to check off gifts for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, graduations, and anything other occasions you need to shop for! Now, let’s take a look at a few personalized Mother’s Day gifts that can give her a reminder of her favorite places.

Breakfast in Bed 

There really isn’t anything quite like being surprised by a delicious breakfast in bed, especially if all of your favorite restaurants have closed temporarily. Unfortunately, travel restrictions and social distancing could even disrupt the plans you had to make your mom breakfast in bed this Mother’s Day, but our Coffee Letter Name Art Print will still show her that you care.

This piece allows you to personalize the letters that spell out her name with coffee-related images that give her a daily reminder of her favorite coffee shops and bakeries. No matter how you decide to personalize this name art print, make sure that she’s got a cup of coffee and a mimosa nearby while she opens it!

The Great Outdoors 

Is your mom the kind of person who just can’t get enough of the open trail? She’ll love our Wilderness Name Art Print.

As Coloradans, we have easy access to the great outdoors, but we know that not everyone is as lucky. Maybe your mom lives in a busy city, or maybe she lives in a state that doesn’t have mountains at all. No matter where she is, the Wilderness Name Art Print can instantly transport her to her favorite place.

Wine Tasting 

Whether or not it’s Mother’s Day, every mom deserves a toast. If your mom loves tasting new wines and visiting wineries, then trust us when we say that she’ll love this print! Whether she’s a fan of reds, whites, or any and every wine, the Wine Name Art Print pairs perfectly with anything else you’re doing to show her that you care.

Home With the Family 

If your mom is anything like ours, then you’ve probably noticed that her favorite place isn’t a single destination. Instead, her favorite place is anywhere she can be with her family. If this hits home for you, we recommend taking a look at our Family Name Photo Collage

The piece features four photo blocks of your family and a personalized centerpiece with your family name. Even if you can’t bring everyone together in person this Mother’s Day, you can bring everyone together every day with this piece!

Order Your Personalized Art Today!

No matter what ends up happening this Mother’s Day, we hope that today’s post will help you make it a day she’ll never forget.

We know that our readers are stuck inside just like us, so be sure to check out the rest of our blog for even more posts and ideas for passing the time as we wait out the pandemic.

When you support a small business like Personal-Prints, you’re supporting people just like you who have been affected by recent events. You have our sincere thanks for your support!

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