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Vintage Patents Make Great Conversation Pieces!


Patent art prints


If you love history, sports, innovation, and art, these things are beautifully combined in patent art prints from Personal-Prints. From the patent for an upright piano that was filed in 1891 to the patent filed for a football in 1903 to a patent for a stethoscope filed in 1965, these items and more have been turned into beautiful vintage patent wall art. The artists at Personal-Prints used the original drawings to create prints that are framed and under glass to give your home some true character. Here are a few of our favorites.

framed patent artFootball:Patent No. 723,606. Patented in March 1903 by W.S. Jacobs

From Middlesex, Massachusetts, W.S. Jacobs “have invented certain new and useful improvements in Foot-Balls.” The patent explains what the football is, made it is made up, what its purpose is, and describes what the drawings represent. In the patent print, the lacing of the ball is labeled b3, “permitting the insertion and removal of the inner casing.” These details and more are represented in this print that has a sepia tone and shading that enhanced the look of the football. View our football patent drawinghere.

Musical Instruments

What is your favorite instrument? There are so many to choose from, we have chosen some of the most classic pieces.

  • vintage patentsThree Piece Set (Guitar, Drum, Piano): Three separate patents are in this set, all with beautifully detailed drawings with a sepia tone, framed, and under glass.
  • Two Piece Guitar Set: This set includes two patents. The first for the Fender guitar was filed in 1951 by Clarence Fender. The second is for the Gibson guitar filed in 1955 by T.M. McCarty. These show the designs of classic guitars that can be on display in your home.
  • Two Piece Piano Set: This set includes patents for both the grand piano and upright piano. The grand piano patent was filed in 1927 by Walter Weiser. The upright piano was patented by H.L. Greywack in 1891.  
  • Two Piece Drum Set: This set includes two patents for a “cymbal beating device” and snare drums. The cymbal patent was filed in 1944 by James M. Darcy. The snare drums patent was filed in 1937 by Henry H. Slingerland.

Can you imagine what the world would be like today if it wasn’t for these inventors designing improvements for musical instruments? Have them all, or a single favorite, these framed patent art prints will be a conversation piece in your home.

patent artProfessions

If you’re a police officer, teacher, doctor, firefighter, nurse, photographer, EMT, dentist, or ballet dancer, we have a patent print that will show your passion for your career. Do you know when the patent for the ballet slipper was filed?

  • Ballet Slipper: Filed in 1924 by Benjamin Goldstein and Salvatore Mastrarrigo. Have you seen any ballet performances recently?
  • Toothbrush: Filed in 1941 by Frank E. Wolcott. This patent improved the way the toothbrush massaged the gums!
  • Photographic Camera Accessory: Filed in 1966 by Polaroid Corporation. The patent relates to the viewfinder and rangefinder. This recognizable patent art will stand out in any home.

patent artCoffee

This set includes a patent for the coffee pot and coffee mill. If you make coffee each morning, you’ll never look at your pot the same again.

  • The coffee pot patent was filed in 1889 by James Simeon Stidham.
  • The coffee mill patent was filed in 1873 by Lui Schulz.

Shop our collection of patent art prints that are drawn on sepia toned paper and framed in glass. History lovers and innovation enthusiasts will love the details in these prints. Other patents include wine, nautical, John Deere Tractor, fly fishing, soccer, and even Star Wars patent prints. For unique and personalized art, shop online at Personal-Prints.

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