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Blue Wall Decor For Your Home

Blue might be one of the most misunderstood colors of all time.

When we think of blue, our ideas are usually tarnished by sadness. After all, Picasso’s “Blue Period” from 1901-1904 is characterized by cold, bleak, and monochromatic aesthetics. These Blue Period paintings reflect poverty, instability, frailty, and begging. Pretty bleak, right?

When artists are sad, they sing the blues. A period of depression might be referred to as “feeling the blues.”

Considering that blue is the color most often associated with sadness, it follows that you wouldn’t want to decorate your home with shades of blue.

In reality, however, blue is far more complicated and dimensional. It’s a color of contradiction. Indeed, just as blue connotes sadness, it also relates to optimism and “blue skies ahead.” Water, a beacon of life and movement, is blue. As the only primary color on the “cold” end of the color spectrum, blue is so interesting that we could speak about it until we’re blue in the face.

Blue-Inspired Personalized Art

Personal-Prints has an entire collection of personalized art dedicated to blue for this reason. We’ve highlighted our favorite blue personalized canvas prints below. Take a look and order online today from Personal-Prints!

Coastal Beach Name Art

The ocean is perhaps nature’s most iconic use of blue. It’s not just one shade of blue, though. Rather, waves rolling toward the coastline have a lighter shade of blue, whereas a deep body of water has a dark, cerulean quality. Maybe it’s our love of fishing at Personal-Prints, but there’s just something special about the water to us.

We wanted to capture the beauty and mystical quality of the ocean in our Coastal Beach Name Artpersonalized canvas print. You can feature a first or last name of your choosing, and each letter is comprised of ocean-related images such as lighthouses, docks, and starfish.

Ski and Snowboard Name Art

On a picturesque day in the mountains, the slopes are blanketed in white snow with a bluebird sky above. Our Ski Letter Name Artand Snowboard Letter Name Art prints portray the blue of a beautiful day carving turns through the snow.

As with any of our personalized name art prints, you can choose whatever name you want to feature. Images of tall peaks, trail signs, and ski equipment will make each letter.

Fishing Letter Name Art

Infuse your love of fishing throughout your home with this personalized art from Personal-Prints. For the fisherperson in your life, this uniquely personalized print makes an amazing gift. Beautiful, rippling water makes up the background and fishing-related images create the name of your choosing.

Star Wars - Patent Art

We had fun creating these “patent” art canvases, complete with blueprints from the Millenium Falcon or AT-AT from Star Wars. The bright blue background and white-etched lines make for a vibrant piece perfect for any Man Cave, game room, or entertainment area.

About Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints is a family-owned business that specializes in making unique wall art for the home. In addition to our blue-inspired themes, we also feature sports, hunting, cabin, patent art, and many more personalized art collections.

Check out our selection of canvas art and order online today!

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