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Green Wall Decor For Your Home

When it comes to the color spectrum, green is almost magical.

According to a CNN article, “Why We All Need Green In Our Lives,” the human eye recognizes green better than any other color. This means that green stands out to us and becomes an essential part of our daily existence.

At 555 nanometers, green falls into the “Goldilocks” range of the visible color spectrum. Interestingly, the presence of green also highlights blue and red light, as green falls between the two on the spectrum.

Because we can see green better than other colors and because of its significance in nature, the color has an extremely positive effect on our psyche. Indeed, shades of green calm us down because our eyes don’t need to strain to perceive the color.

With all the benefits of green as a color, it’s no surprise that household art should incorporate green as much as possible. After all, green doesn’t just enhance our mood — it also makes the other colors in our home more vibrant!

Personal-Prints has a Green Collection dedicated entirely to green artwork. We’ve highlighted our favorite green personalized art below. Have a look and order online today!


A vineyard scene is about so much more than drinking wine. It’s about rolling hillsides, quality time, and beautiful rows of grape vines. “Vineyard” captures the feeling of sipping wine under the Tuscan sun. It features green in terms of the landscape and the wine bottle (which you can also personalize by adding your names and a special date!).

We also love this painting because the green compliments the red of the wine and of the flowers in the background; it helps our eyes to perceive all aspects of this magnificent scene.

Golf Name Art Print

If there’s any sport that’s synonymous with green, it has to be golf. For any avid golfers, our Golf Name Art Print from Personal-Prints highlights the beautiful green of a golf course. The background features green golf course grass, and the centerpiece includes text of your choice spelled out with golf photos.

Check out this print today, and even preview what your last name would look like on this personalized art!

Mountain Meadow

You can’t think about green without also thinking about nature. In Mountain Meadow, a personalized wildlife print, our artists capture the depth of a wild meadow. More than 30 animals are tucked throughout the print which makes for a fun “scavenger-hunt” activity. Scott Kennedy, founder and painter at Personal-Prints, has been an avid hunter and outdoors man for his entire life, and Mountain Meadow pays homage to beautiful Colorado landscape.

Bear Cubs 2

Based on an original watercolor print by Scott Kennedy, Bear Cubs 2 features two adorable black bear cubs resting in a tree. You can personalize the art by “carving” your own names into the tree. With green in the background, Bear Cubs 2 features the color in a more subtle way than other totally green art.

Take a look at our entire Green Collection today, and order online from Personal-Prints!

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