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Personalized Art for Military Families

Being a part of a military family is a sacrifice, but also a point of immense pride.

Military families have to do things a bit differently — if your child serves in the military, you hope and pray that they stay safe as they defend the country. If you are a part of a military family, you move every few years and restart life with every new assignment. You make selfless decisions every day of your life, and the military community becomes a network of support.

There’s no better way to show your pride for being a part of the military community than with personalized wall art from Personal-Prints.

Personalized Art for Military Families

When you hang personalized wall art that reflects your commitment to service above self, your home becomes authentic to your family and its purpose.

Check out the Personal-Prints products below, designed especially with military families in mind.

Welcome Signs

“Welcoming” might be the best word to describe the military families we know. After all, when you move away from home to all parts of the world, your friends and fellow service members become your family and you welcome everyone with open arms.

We have a unique line of “Welcome” signs for the different military branches

Whether you or a loved one serves in the Navy, Marines, Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, or a branch of law enforcement, we have the personalized art “Welcome” sign for you.

Each uniquely personalized print has a different featured image depending on the branch, and the option to add your family’s name to the canvas. Additionally, beautiful displays of the American flag create the letters for the “welcome” text, so you are also showing your love of country as well.

When guests enter your home, they know it’s a home filled with pride, patriotism, and a spirit of service.

American Flags

We’ve already written about how to decorate a patriotic home, though it’s worth mentioning American flags again in this article.

If you want a stand-out piece that showcases your patriotism in addition to your military pride, consider this American Flag print with a quote from the Declaration of Independence. It doesn’t get more American than this.

Firearm Guns - Patent Art

For the homes that already have a healthy does of American and military pride, check our unique line of patent firearm art instead.

We base these personalized prints on original patents of firearms, so the image has an antique and vintage feel.

You can browse all different types of firearms, from a Colt Revolver to an AR-15, to find the patent print you like best.


As a family-owned company in Colorado, Personal-Prints is committed to creating American-made, high-quality products. When you order with us, you get a totally unique print that fits the character of your home.

Based on Personal-Prints reviews and our experience getting to know our customers, many military families order and love our patriotic prints.

Shop our collection today to revitalize the spirit of your home!

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