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Don’t Forget Your Pets!

December 07, 2017

Don’t Forget Your Pets!

If you have a dog, cat, hamster, or goldfish that you love as much as any other family member, there’s no doubt that you’re getting him or her a Christmas gift this year. Even though some may think that it’s just another day for them, you know they need to be included in the festivities too. Many pet owners simply get an extra dog bone or play toy for their four-legged friends (we’re not sure what you’d give a fish), but when you truly want your pets to be a part of your family, give them something that they will love, something that will last forever, something that you will have for years to come. At Personal-Prints, we have personalized name art designs that will honor the pet in your life and give them a permanent place in your home.

Personalized Name ArtLove Dog

The simple design of this personalized name art design has everything a dog lover could want. The image is printed onto a block mount and this design has a vintage wooden background. The cool brown shades give the piece a beautiful texture for the rest of the design to rest on. The word “Love” is stamped onto the block. The letter L and a dog’s paw print that make up the O are on the top, and the letters V and E are on the bottom, creating a perfect square of dog love. To personalize the piece, add your pet’s name above the paw print. Place this print above his or her dog bowl and he’ll always know where his home is.

Personalized Name ArtDog Line Art

To keep the art in your home simple and beautiful, the personalized name art line drawings are the perfect minimal design. If you own a Doberman, Great Dane, Jack Russell, America’s favorite companion, a Labrador, or many other dog breeds, these line drawings will capture their expressions, personalities, and temperament perfectly. The drawings use only a few black lines to capture the happy eyes, wagging tails, and wet noses that you know and love. The drawing is set on a clean white background and you can add your pet’s name below the drawing. Designs are completed with either a black frame or they can be block mounted.

Personalized Name ArtPet Photo Art

If there’s one image of your cat or dog that you hold dear to your heart, make a piece of art from it by putting it on canvas. Create a personalized name art design using your favorite image and it will be surrounded with the words “best friend,” “Faithful,” “Companion,” “Loyal,” and “Love.” Choose either an image of your cat or dog and the piece will highlight their name with a faded red heart beside the name. Read some tips on how to choose the best photo of your pet here.

Personalized Name ArtMy Cat Personalized Art

It’s an amazing thing to get to know the personality of a cat. They can be shy, playful, stubborn, pushy, loving, and so much more — sometimes all in one day! If you love your cat, capture that personality, their face, and their beautiful whiskers with this black and white personalized name art. Personal-Prints wanted to be sure that we captured the look of your cat, so we designed six pieces so you can choose the best one for your feline friend. They range from black to gray to tiger striped. And for that personal touch, add the name of your cat at the bottom of the print in a font that beautifully captures their disposition.

Personalized Name ArtBird Dog Blues

One of the best things about having a dog is being able to watch them play outside and then take nap in the sun. This print has details that capture the inner struggle of a dog who is happy relaxing under a tree, but who is being tormented by a group of sparrows. The dog’s eyes are arched upwards and his head is resting on his leg. The yellow of the Golden Retriever is perfectly contrasted with the bright blue of the sky in the background and there is a pop of red from berries that the birds are dropping. If you own a happy Golden Retriever, this personalized name art will make a great addition to your home. Add the name of your dog to a tag hanging from his collar.

Christmas might traditionally be for giving gifts to the kids, friends, neighbors, family, and coworkers, but don’t forget about your pets! Personal-Prints has a unique collection of personalized name art designs that are the perfect gift for both humans and four-legged family members. Whether you have a cat or dog, you can easily shop through our designs and find the piece that represents your pet perfectly. From all of us at Personal-Prints, we wish you and your pets a happy holiday! Shop with us today.

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