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The Best Winter Activities

 Anyone who isn’t in love with winter will know how hard it can be to get outside and get some physical activity in during these frigid months. Just having to brush the snow off the car can be a challenge. But when you have the right activity that combines fun, adventure, and being outside, with the right people around you, even if you hate your toes feeling cold and your nose is is red, you can embrace the cold. If you live in a climate where the ground is covered in snow month after month, here are some winter activities you can look forward to.

Personal-Prints loves this kind of year because it brings family together in the warmth of their home. When you're cozying up next to the fire, be sure to be surrounded by art that shows your family’s personality. We offer personalized name art prints for a variety of hobbies and interests, including sports, guns, hunting, and more.

Sledding or Tubing

Personalized Name ArtFind that inner child and break out the sleds or tubes. When you can find that perfect hill, start creating the perfect path, you can whip down the hill and feel the wind in your face. Just like when you were 10, you won’t want to go back inside. Who says sledding can’t be for adults too? And if you want to bring sledding into your home, thisCold Days & Warm Hearts is the perfect personalized name art print to help you remember how much fun sledding is.

Ice Skating

When was the last time you went ice skating? Last winter? 20 years ago? If it’s been longer than two years since you’ve been ice skating, it’s time to find a rink or a pond and get back out there. And if you haven’t ever been on the ice, the best part of ice skating is faking a fool of yourself trying to stay up! When you do master skating for 30 seconds without falling, the possibilities are endless.

Personalized Name ArtBuild a Snowman

The perfect family activity on a bright winter afternoon is creating a snowman. To feel the snow in between your hands, to roll up the ball and watch it get bigger and bigger, finding pebbles to create a sweater and sticks for arms — this is what memories are made of. If you can’t get yourself out to sled or go ice skating, at least make some time for a snowman. Your inner child will definitely thank you.

Visit a Hot Springs

Everyone can enjoy a good soak in a hot spring. And the best time to do this is when the air is chilly and crisp. California, Colorado, Arkansas, Virginia — there are hot springs across the country that you enjoy. Relax in the hot water, stick your toes out to feel the cool air, and you will become a cold weather lover before you know it.

Go Snowshoeing

For those seeking out a true winter adventure, get your heartbeat up with a winter hike. Using snowshoes will keep your feet above the snow and you can walk wherever your heart desires. If you do happen to live near the mountains, a hike in the winter time gives you the best views and you can breathe in deep and taste the clear mountain air.

Personalized Name ArtCuddle Up Inside

The best part of any winter activity is being able to come inside and cuddle up with a blanket and mug of hot cocoa (with marshmallows of course). After an exciting day of skating, sledding, or hiking, warm up your soul with the one you love sitting by the fire, or on the couch watching your favorite wintertime movie. Always keep the memory of this scene strong with this personalized name art painting,A Cozy Evening, of a winter cabin in the woods.

Even if you’re secretly waiting for spring, get out and enjoy the cool winter air, the beautiful landscapes, and have some fun in the snow! To capture the winter months in your home, Personal-Prints has several personalized name art designs that warm up any space. Customize the designs to make them your own by adding your name to the prints. They’re the perfect winter decor to your kitchen, living room, or even bathroom. Find the design that you love and then bundle up and head outside!

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