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Tips For Printing on Canvas

Hanging a photograph in your home is a great way to always keep your favorite memories fresh in your mind. They add a personal touch to a space, and with the right colors they can enhance your existing home decor. If you have a favorite photo of you and your significant other on your first date, or an image that perfectly captures an expression on your pet’s face, is that going to translate well onto a canvas print? Get some tips from the experts at Personal-Prints and shop for our personalized name art designs. We can turn your favorite photos into works of art that will hang on your wall for years.

Personalized Name ArtUse High-Quality Images

The most important thing is to use high-quality images. A photo with a high resolution can be enlarged without creating a pixelated image. For our personalized name art designs, the image must be a digital version. To find the resolution or size of your favorite photo, right click on the photo and open up the properties option. Look for the size of the image, which will typically be in KB or MB, depending on how large it is. Another way to tell is to open the image in a program like Paint. Under the File dropdown, click properties. This will tell you both the size of the image and the resolution. The higher the size or resolution the better.

Look at the Color Scheme and Contrast

Now that we have the technical side of it out of the way, we can look at the aesthetics of the image! Of course, you don’t want just any picture hanging on your wall. If you want a colorful image, pick one that has full, bright colors. And if you don’t want to spend a fortune updating the color scheme in the space, choose an image with colors that will match those that are already in the space. Keep in mind that black and white images also add a beautiful and sophisticated look.

Personalized Name ArtWhere is it Going to Hang?

Before you place an order for a personalized name art design, be sure you know where it’s going to hang. If you want to fill a small space in the hallway, a large canvas print might not be the best option. If you’ve been looking for a piece to hang in the living room above the couch, do you want it to be square or rectangle? What dimensions are you looking for? And will the photo you want to print translate to that size?

Do You Love the Photograph?

This might sound like a silly question. Of course you love the photograph! But do you love it enough to see it hanging on your dining room wall day after day? The drool from your dog’s mouth might not be very appetizing after a while. When looking through your favorite photos, keep in the back of your head that it will most likely be a permanent addition to your home. If someone is blinking or if your shirt has an obvious wrinkle, will those things bother you in the long run? Look closely at the image before you order your personalized name art print.

Overall, choosing a photo to print on canvas doesn’t have to be complicated. If you love the image and it is high-quality, you can make it work in your home. Most importantly, be sure that you love the photograph and take it to the next level when you add your name to it. Personalized name art designs are the perfect choice to add a homey and maybe even romantic feel to your home. Shop with us today!

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