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Orange Wall Decor For Your Home

When it comes to orange, you either love it or hate it.

It’s about as polarizing of a color that exists, aside from, perhaps, chartreuse or canary yellow.

The thing about orange is that it’s one of the absolute best colors for decorating because of its warmth and brightness. Indeed, orange is one of the few truly “warm” secondary colors, as it is derived from the two warmest primary colors on the spectrum: red and yellow. Think about orange’s role in nature: slowly burning embers of a fire; a rising and setting sun; fields of wheat on a hot summer day; brilliant leaves adorning fall trees.

In nature, orange is truly stunning.

So, before writing off orange completely as an in-your-face shade appropriate for only October 31, think again.

Decorate With Shades of Orange

As you consider decorating with orange, keep in mind that it comes in varying shades. A bright orange will connote optimism, energy, and life. A darker, deeper orange might tend toward comfort and earthiness.

Try a darker terracotta or persimmon if you find the brightness of orange off-putting. If you prefer yellow to red, find a lighter shade such as melon or salmon.

Recommended Orange Personalized Art

At Personal-Prints, we know the controversy surrounding orange and we also know its potential for beauty. As such, many of our personalized art prints feature orange accents, backgrounds, or subtle notes. We’ve highlighted our favorite orange-inspired canvas art prints below. Take a look and order online today from Personal-Prints!

Dog - Pet Photo Art

Because orange has the uncanny ability to infuse warmth into a space, it makes for a wonderful background color. We chose orange for our Pet Photo Artpersonalized art collection for this very reason.

When you order this canvas art, you can turn human’s best friend into human’s favorite work of art. All you need to do is upload your favorite picture of your dog, enter the name for personalization, and our talented designers will create a one-of-a-kind personalized print.

Capture those special moments when Bandit smiles at the camera; when Murphy finally sits still long enough for a quick picture; or, when Bella gives you those adorable, iconic eyes.

Horse Country Western Letter Art

If you want to pay homage to simple life in the countryside, look no further than our Horse Country Western Letter Art. Each piece of personalized art features whatever text you’d like (typically a first or last name) comprised of horse-themed images. The backdrop is a classic, country western skyline where fields of corn blow in the wind and an orange sun fades behind a red barn.

If you live or grew up on a ranch and alway want to keep a part of the land with you, we recommend this popular personalized art canvas.

Test our the text of your choosing today to see how your finished print will look!

Whitetail Sunrise

Autumn and orange go together like two peas in a pod. Whitetail Sunrise, a personalized print from our orange collection, strives to capture the beauty of an autumn morning in the woods. Two whitetail deer meander through fallen leaves, stopping next to an old Oak tree etched with the names of your choosing.

If you love the comforting warmth of autumnal orange, we highly recommend this personalized print from our collection.

Basketball Letter Name Print

We’ve talked profusely about nature, but orange also makes its way into popular sports — especially basketball. If you need a gift for or want to surprise a basketball player in your life, check out the Basketball Letter Name Print from Personalized-Prints. This uniquely personalized basketball art allows you to select any text of your choosing, while a close-up image of a basketball creates the background.

Perfect for high school sports senior nights, graduations, or tournament championships, our Basketball Letter Name Print is a favorite for players.

About Personal-Prints

Personal-Prints is a family-owned business that specializes in creating unique wall art for the home. In addition to our orange-inspired pieces, we also feature sports, hunting, cabin, patent art, and many more personalized art collections. Explore our work today to put a uniquely personalized touch on your home.

Check out our selection of orange canvas art and order online today!

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